Backdoor Baby | Sir Video

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Sir Video is the brand new project from songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Timmy Sean. After releasing what was called "one of the decade's most impressive pop discs" in 2010 with his debut solo album, Timmy Sean introduced his new band Sir Video to the world in Oct 2015. The band's line-up consists of Frankie Pedano on keys (Fat City Reprise/Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound), Alex Schneiderman on guitar/keys (Scattered Suns/thatwasthen), Punky Balfour on drums (Zak Waters/Chali 2na), Art Webb on keys (Taylor Locke), Ramage Jacobs on guitar (Kesha/RAMAGE), and Jon Reshard on bass (Greg Howe/Dave Weckl/Prince).