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Lyrics by Reinhold Sauerbrey
Music by Irene Sauerbrey

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Eyes of heaven

(Lyrics by Reinhold Sauerbrey, Music by Irene Sauerbrey)

There is no doubt you give and take
Only you know about my sorrow
Though yesterday is gone away
Heaven knows where I will be tomorrow
There were days when I was in the spotlight of fame
Now the lights are down I'm out of game

Let eyes of heaven care for me in the valley
Let eyes of heaven follow me through the night
Gimme me faith and strength and lead me to salvation
Oh let 'em shine, the eyes of heaven let 'em shine

I spent my life upon the stage
Felt the rush from a standing ovation
Who loves me when the music fades
I am haunted by fear and frustration
When the laughter dies only memories remain
Won't you come and break the chains of pain

Let eyes of heaven care...

Though I walk through the darkest valley
your eyes shine on me like stars in the sky
I will not drown in sorrow
for you are with me

Let eyes of heaven care...