Fall Flat | The Jim Ivins Band

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James Watkinson Ivins
Andrew Channing Martin

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About the artist

The Jim Ivins Band brings a unique brand of acoustic driven pop rock that is accessible to all. Since their start in 2007, they have shared the stage with national acts such as Mae, Carolina Liar, Parachute, The Ataris, Cracker, Carbon Leaf, and Pat McGee Band, as well as showcasing at the 2009 Miami Music Festival. Their latest self-titled EP showcases their versatile yet consistent signature pop sound better than ever, brought out with the help of producer Ace Enders (The Early November). Standout cuts like “The Chance” and “How To Hold On” are sure to warrant repeat listens with their instantly memorable hooks. The Jim Ivins Band is a Virginia-based radio-friendly acoustic pop band with honest lyrics that are sure to relate to every listener.


It's coming back around
cause it never really left at all
And its up to me now
if i wanna take a chance
or do I really like the way its going down
I just need an untouched outlook
can someone help me see each side
cause everyone needs a little
cause its never in the middle
and these things always lean more towards one side

And all we have left to discover
is are we this or are we that
and i still just can't decide
if getting a taste of my old life
is it worth another at-bat
cause what if we fall flat?

Fast forward
its the future, here we sit
take a guess at how it all worked out
I decided it was worth it even though she didn't deserve it
My feet tired from getting the same runaround
Snapped her fingers i was history
Her story wouldn’t even miss me
now i just need a little cause it wasn't in the middle
all i ever did was give her my heart

and all we have left to discover
is are we this or are we that
I’ve been locked inside your prison
A victim of your indecision
Would you prefer that i step back
Or have we fallen flat?

When it comes down to it
I just want to be your friend
But why won't you let me?
Why won't you let me in?
And let this begin

Press play,
Who am I now?
Just the shadow of your doubts?
Just a face in the crowd?
Now I'm stronger,
Had I held on any longer,
could have wavered like a flame and flickered out.
But the past is gone,
And tomorrow never comes,
So you’re stuck with me living in the now

and all we have left to discover
is are we this or are we that
and I still just can't decide
how much I'll be a part of your life
so now I'll step back
cause it looks like we fell flat