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About the artist

During it's three years of activity, Lorena B has established itself as one of the most promising young bands in Tel Aviv. Offering a fascinating combination of beauty and roughness, with warm and dreamy guitars along cold and energetic electronica, a rich and alternative world of sounds against catchy and sweeping melodies - Lorena B arrive at their debut album, established, polished and aware of every bit.

The professional drums-bass work, live programming on a wide range of gadgets, dark guitars and a modest brass section guarantee a special experience. above it all lies the vocals of Adi Ulmansky, the creator and lead singer of the band.

The band's exciting and dark debut album, Siblings, was created after a year long process, self produced by the band's members and recorded and brewed at home.
'Siblings' is a rich and colorful musical experience, taking the listener seamlessly through different musical landscapes
from delicate to violent emotions, described in 'Lorena B's personal and warm sound.
'Swallow my gum', the first single, was released in December 2010 and was widely and critically acclaimed
The brilliant music video launched with the single is featured frequently in MTV Israel.

"Lorena B are just the sort of electro band we like the best. "Swallow My Gum" is a fantastic song - it's post-rock, a little indie, with synthy pulses and jazzy hooks, all tied up with the lush bow that is Adi Ulmansky's incredibly gorgeous voice."

"Lorena B is one of the best Israeli acts I've seen in a long, long time. Possibly ever. Also, the hottest one I've seen. Quite definitely ever."