Already Know featuring Nyoka Ny-D, Majic & Khallas | Indikator

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About the artist

Indikator has arrived with what's next.
Skilled in relations people share with one another, Indikator offers up authentic communication that is far more accessible than most of the gimmick riddled hip-hop currently in favor.
He began writing at an early age along with his interests in music. Indikator says "writing has always been in the blood." He is the youngest son of Pulitzer Prize winning author, Charles Fuller.
He began listening to old school greats like GrandMaster Caz, Funky Four+1, Run DMC, EPMD, Eric B. and Rakim, KRS-ONE GangStarr and others.
Indikator's thoughts manifest on the page before elocution takes place. And beyond that expression is a poignant performance, driving Indikator's message home.
He has performed with many artists that include Lords of the Underground, Coco Bruvas, Def Squad, DMX and the Grammy Award winning The Roots.