The Darkness | The Havelocks

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Liner notes

Written by Lennie Tranter

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About the artist

Formed through chance meetings at pubs and backyard sing-alongs, The Havelocks have been together for just over two years but have already made a big impact on their local scene in Newcastle. Comprising Lennie Tranter (vox, lead guitar), Jay Piper (vox, acoustic guitar), Craig Whibley (rhythm guitat, back-ups), Lawrence De Sylva (bass), and Luke Tweedie (drums) the five-peice rock/pop outfit has spent the last 12 months gigging extensively in Newcastle and rural areas such as Maitland, Taree and Cessnock. The band launched their debut EP "Words" on 25th September 2010 to a massive reception, and are currently planning an East Coast Australian tour for early 2011. With their catchy songs and trademark harmonies the boys now have their eye on the prize and are coming to a venue near you...


Winter time is creeping and the rain it comes
Never is one sleeping with the thunder like the drums
When it's cold and you're lonely and the only one to hold
Is the only one who makes you cold
It's gonna be a long, long day

Sunshine is coming, this I know
But why does winter have to go so slow
When the darkness surrounds you
And the ice is in your veins
And you're lonely
In your head it starts to rain

It's coming down on you
I guess this time you're through
How can I keep waking in the
Morning at half past two
It gets the best of you
I want to see the sunshine but it's gonna be a long, long day

Hanging out with the shivers
Where the heart beats and the fools play