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$5,000 all rights for independent feature film

Music needed for an indie feature film that tells the story of a 17 year old who's sent away by his family to stay with his uncle after getting after getting into trouble. Inspired by the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho the protagonist must face his fears, responsibility and the challenges of being isolated in a desert.

The music will be critical in setting the tone and will be used in the background to tell the protagonists story. The music needs to be melodic, ambient, emotional and communicate the intense feeling of isolation and the feeling of being alone in a desert.

Music should have a live, calm, quiet and be intensely emotional when needed to support the story. Visually we’re aiming to create something standout and the music should be no different, but still taking a background role.

The music needs to be of the highest production values for this high-end indie feature film.

Music references include Mogwai's Black Spider From The Motion Picture Soundtrack - Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait. Namely the tracks "Black Spider" and "Black Spider 2"

- Giles Gale - Music supervisor, sync & Licensing Manager - Resonant Music Licensing

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Music Industry Professionals' Success Stories and Testimonials

Avala DSF Music Group's Top Woman Combines Music and Women's Football

Mia Bajin of Avala DSF Music Group, is a renowned Record Label and Management Executive with international experience. She’s honed her skills in business development, sports development, and marketing of major brands and artists around the world.

In the fall of 2012, she was seeking indie music to be featured at the 1st National Women’s American Football Tournament in Southeast Europe. Mia can be congratulated for running the very first successful women’s football team on the Balkans, known as the “Angel Duchesses.” This is where she deemed Music Xray a valuable tool to finding great music for the event that was followed by“national media for a good cause called, Battle for the Babies.

Furthermore, due to finding many artists to feature on the “Tournament Opportunity” through Music Xray, Mia says they are “now working on a short documentary from the tournament, where we'll include only Music Xray artists who have been submitting, not just for the 'Tournament Opportunity,' but all of our opportunities.” (January 2013)

Just in case you’re wondering who she’s worked with in the past, some Music Xray artists include: Dukes of Da Ville, Joe Cameron, and Filipe.

Mia Bajin - Avala DSF Music Group LLC
Come see what opportunities she’s currently offering to artists on her Music Xray profile, and don't forget to check out her blog for updates.

HEY WTF Records Signs and Releases Cassette Album for Groove Carnival

HEY WTF Records is a Boston-based, cassette record label, comprised of 5 students from Northeastern University. They recently released a debut album for the band, Groove Carnival entitled, "One Monkey Don't Stop the Show" - a first for the label and the band. The label found this Ashville, NC group of musicians through their Music Xray dropbox, on which founder, Ryan Lucht comments: "Music Xray made it easy for us to solicit and process tons of demo submissions, and through our dropbox we found Groove Carnival, whose debut album we released two months later!" (January 2013)

Ryan Lucht - Founder & Label Head of HEY WTF Records
Check out their blog for more info!

Raven Studios Skeptical at first and now Convinced
Raven Studios

At first I was skeptical to begin using your site, but now I am really positive. You guys are helping many people that are heavily involved in the music business such as artists, publishers, etc… And your site makes it allot easier to handle demo submissions and communicate with artists. The statistics rating system is really cool since now we are now able to view the statistics and get an overall view of the music/artists we receive demo submission from.

Martin Benjamin - Head Office Department Denmark - RavenStudioz DK LTD 2006 / R.S. RECORDS

Flicknife Records Uses Music Xray to Conduct and Manage the Label's A&R
Flicknife Records Success Story

I have already done deals with artists who have submitted music to me and I'm sure I'll do more. Music Xray is such a great way to do A&R. It's giving me faith in the future!

Flicknife Records Ltd - Frenchy Gloder, Owner

Mango Reel Signs Artist Within One Week of Using Music Xray to Source New Music
Mango Reel Success Story

At Mango Reel we continue to expand our licensing catalogue for TV, Film, Video Games and Advertising placements and looked at Music Xray as a platform for finding new artists. Music Xray allowed us to audition and pre-qualify artists really quickly with their online submission process. Within a week we had signed ‘Erin Hunt’ to our licensing catalogue and we’re promoting her release ‘Meet Me In The Middle’ online. Music Xray also put us in touch with several other acts who are sending their work - which we hope to sign to Mango Reel’s roster over the next couple of weeks. We have a very picky selection criteria and the quality of submissions has been excellent. We look forward to hearing and working with more artists through Music Xray in the future.

Mango Reel Music Ltd - Paul Curtis, Creative Director

Michael Jay Finds Music Xray to be a Better Way to Organize Submissions
Michael Jay Great Unknowns Presents

"When my radio show was listed on Indie Bible last December, the amount of people that sent me emails and flooded my mailbox with CD's increased by 938%. I needed a way to help me organize my music submissions. After I joined Music X-Ray, I was able to filter out the amount of 'junk' music submissions and my service has become more streamlined and manageable.

I love Music X-ray's service, because their program helps me organize my music submissions all in one place versus having a folder in my email that I have to organize myself. Plus, I don't have to wait for CD's to come in the mail. It's all at my finger tips."

Michael Jay of The Great Unknowns Presents

The Quality of Unsolicited Submissions Is Ten Times Better via Music Xray
Sweet Rosie Music Success Story

Sweet Rosie Music, a successful music publishing firm had stopped accepting unsolicited material but decided to give Music Xray a try. They recently reported to us that they've done two deals since they began and that the deal-to-submission ratio is more than 10 times greater than any other method of accepting unsolicited material.

Thanks to Sweet Rosie for sharing that valuable feedback and for giving Music Xray a shot.

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