Matches for your song.

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    Need Compelling Music For Films and TV - Feedback Guaranteed - Wayne Thompson / Whamzoo

    Wayne is seeking compelling music for his film and TV projects and will respond to you with at least a sentence or two regarding why he can or why he cannot use your material. If he can use it, he typically shoots a music video on set with you and the stars of the movie as a promotion tool for both.
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    Consider Your Song for Publishing with Sweet Rosie Music

    One of our A&R staff members will conscientiously listen to your song to determine if we can offer you a publishing contract for the individual work. A portion of your submission will go towards the Save The Children Fund.
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    Acoustic Singer/Songwriter Top 40 Material

    For this opportunity, low budget demos are acceptable. They should feature either acoustic guitar or piano and vocals. Major label is looking for hit material...that means radio friendly songs that might be suitable for Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles or Gavin DeGraw.
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    Alternative Pop Songs Needed for Female Singer

    Splash Galaxy Music has the go-ahead to pitch to the manager of a New York-based female singer / songwriter. She has a wide vocal range, with some alternative and edgy pop vocal capabilities, and is looking for a solid single. *Her label is putting promotion dollars behind her singles, airplay,...