Matches for your song.

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    Consider Your Song for Publishing with Sweet Rosie Music

    One of our A&R staff members will conscientiously listen to your song to determine if we can offer you a publishing contract for the individual work. A portion of your submission will go towards the Save The Children Fund.
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    Seeking songwriters for NBC's "The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase"

    Songs submitted through our Music Xray drop box are given priority consideration, are always heard and you will always receive a response. We look forward to hearing your best material for our consideration. Our show runs weekly in these cities on NBC: New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, ...
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    Alternative Pop Songs Needed for Female Singer

    Splash Galaxy Music has the go-ahead to pitch to the manager of a New York-based female singer / songwriter. She has a wide vocal range, with some alternative and edgy pop vocal capabilities, and is looking for a solid single. *Her label is putting promotion dollars behind her singles, airplay,...
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    Female Folk-Pop Artist In Need Of Songs

    Splash Galaxy® Music is working closely with a young female folk-pop artist with major star power. We will procure singles for her as she is developing in the studio with a production team. All songs submitted should vibe with a blend of 90's influences, like Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne and ...
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    Catchy Feel-Good Songs For Ad Campaign

    Little Guy's Rise is in search of catchy feel-good songs for an advertising synch placement. Some criteria would be: upbeat tracks with colorful and unique vocals (male or female), well written song forms that contain hooks, some experimentation with sounds, and songs that can vibe with the upcom...