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    Seeking R&B Music for Licensing & Publishing

    Looking For: R&B, complete songs with vocals, and instrumentals Explicit Lyrics Accepted: Yes Instrumentals Accepted: Yes (no uncleared samples) Compensation: Licensing fees, Royalties, Publishing deals We are looking for hot R&B music, and singers who can really sing. Real instrumen...
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    Producer/Songwriter for Major Labels; Universal / SoBe Records taking submissions for artist song placement...

    Producer/songwriter for Major labels; Universal / SoBe Records; in search of quality "HIT SONGS" and Tracks for song placement.
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    Accepting Demos In ALL GENRES For Label Deals & Placements

    Little Guy's Rise™ is accepting demos in ALL GENRES for label opportunities and placements. We're on the lookout for great songs and/or acts in any style of music. While we specialize in pop, country, and hip-hop, we're eager to find both mainstream and fringe creators seeking development, brandi...
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    Seeking R&B hits for newly signed female artist

    Red Rock Studios seeking R&B hits for newly signed female artist-Seeking both uptempo and slow R&B tracks for a project we have in-house. Please send your best R&B Tracks.
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    Song Submission and Critique - Recording & Engineering

    All Around Sound Recording has worked with 5-Time Platinum Artist Tonya Kelly, Parkay whose recent projects have featured artist such as; Lil Wayne, French Montana,Twista, Keysha Cole and Demi Songs, dozens of DJs, Labels, and Radio Personalities. We were founded to provide quality and affordable...
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    Radio Blast PER COUNTRY

    It's very simple. We save time and reach more stations than artists could, on their own. With the Blast PER COUNTRY - you get to pick ONE country where you want to blast your music to - e.g. USA, or Canada, or Germany, or Norway, or Australia, or Japan etc. ANY COUNTRY. Our lists cover around...
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    Publishing Deal For Writers Of All Genres + Sync Composers

    Splash Galaxy® Music is opening the door to any and all genres from writers who are looking for an exclusive term songwriting deal, as well as sync composers who can deliver solid library material on a consistent, on-demand basis. -Advance: up to $5,000 -Exclusive, termed deal -We'll listen care...
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    Superhero Music Needed For Film Sync - Rock, Electronic, Orchestral

    Little Guy's Rise is working with a music supervisor to find "triumphant and exaggerated superhero music" for an upcoming feature film. After initial discussions, we've decided to open this up to rock, electronic, and orchestral sounds. Drums should be hard hitting and eventful. Nothing...
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    Hit Love Song Needed for Country Artist with Summer Touring Power

    Splash Galaxy® Music is on the hunt for the right "song of summer" hit love song for a young and hungry road warrior country artist. His team feels that with the right love song smash he'll be on his way to topping the Hot Country charts by end of year. Song lyrics should be from a male...
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    Songs In The Style Of "Chris Brown/The Weekend/Trey Songz" Needed

    We are seeking songs in the style of "Chris Brown/The Weekend/Trey Songz" for newly signed R&B artist. Please submit your best song(s) for consideration.- Mark Wolff Jr / Red Rocks Studio
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    Seeking Songs/Tracks and Writers for the group Loose Screws

    I'm seeking songs, tracks and writers for a group I'm working with called Loose Screws. The group consists of one female and two males ages 20-23. Music should be along the lines of Black Eyed Peas. The infuse hip-hop, pop, with rock influences. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration....
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    Library Tracks For Sports Network Cues - Pays $2k

    Little Guy's Rise is expanding their library of sports cues, which can be either instrumental or with vocals. Tracks should be clean and well-mixed. Try to stay away from too much of an "elevator" sound. What's been working is hip-hop, funk, disco, EDM, pop, and electro-acoustic / Ameri...
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    Abnormal Sound Is Looking For Your Talent!

    PREPARE TO BE DISCOVERED Have you dreamed of becoming a professional musician? Abnormal Sound brings you the pro-level talent scouts that can make it happen. Just submit your epk, demo, a professional picture, bio to us after you submit at to (you will ...
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    Chelsea Nights - Seeking Artists to Perform in NYC

    Chelsea Nights is a highly-curated concert series held monthly by Paper Garden in the concourse of Chelsea Market in New York City. Invitations to perform at a Chelsea Nights event will be issued to artists that Paper Garden feels would fit well with the environment, sound, and general aesthetic ...
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    Maroon 5's lead Adam Levine seeks tracks/records

    Maroon 5's front man Adam Levine seeks incredible Top 40 sounding pop/rock records. I have writers that can nail his sound so if you have great tracks definitely submit them. Adam will personally be listening to these records or at least his manager/A&R .- Chris Heintz / Mach 1 Ent
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    Seeking Talent to Manage

    Looking for talent to manage that are influence by musicians/artists committed to originality. (Stevie Wonder, Prince, Jamiroquai, Pharrell Williams, Esthero, Sade, Erykah Badu, Drake) and Groups like: The Roots, Tribe call Quest, Slum Village,Foreign Exchange, The Internet, Little Brother. Talen...
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    Island Records (Universal) Seeking Artists for Roster Consideration

    Island Records is always seeking new talents and is happy to listen to your best material if it is within the genres in which we typically work. We specialize in Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Rock. Please take a look at our current roster to get an idea of the level of talent we sign. If we hear som...
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    Epic Records Seeking Pop and Hip Hop Songs/Tracks for Label Roster

    I am looking for Instrumentals as well as fully produced and written material in the genres of Pop and Rap/Hip Hop for Epic Records label artists. Check out our artist roster here: Pop tracks need to be uptempo and fully produced, mixed and mastered. Hip Hop Tracks ca...
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    Gangster Life TV show featuring popular Rap star

    Looking for music for a show about the Gangster life, featuring a well known rap star. We are supplying the show and any music placed will go directly to the show's supervising editors. We need various Urban styles and Rock tracks that have an Urban element.Our credits include major blockbuster ...
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    Ray Daniels / RAYDAR Seeking Artists, Songwriter & Producers

    Ray Daniels, SVP A&R at Interscope / CEO of RAYDAR, is seeking talent to add to the RAYDAR Entertainment roster. We are looking for raw talent and electrifying producers, songwriters and artists. If you think you have what it takes, please submit your best work here and we'll be in touch. RAY...
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    Interscope Records / Ray Daniels Seeking Great Pop Tracks for Artists already on our Roster

    Ray Daniels, SVP A&R at Interscope Records, is seeking great pop tracks for artists already on the Interscope Roster, which can bee seen HERE.If you have a great track with the right ingredients, we can't wait to hear it. Please submit you best work for consideration and a note about what ar...
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    Interscope Records / Ray Daniels Seeking New Pop Artists

    Interscope Records' SVP of A&R Ray Daniels is seeking new emerging pop artists. If you have what it takes and believe you belong on our roster next to greats like Madonna and newcomers like Selena Gomez, let's hear your best material. If we love it we'll take things to the next step. - Ray D...