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    Seeking Hit Songs for several major recording artists in R&B, Pop, and Country

    Hits only please. Seeking hit songs for several major recording artists in R&B, pop, and country. If it's a hit, I can get it to any artist. Hits only! Also looking for hits for recording artist Anastasia, Big Machine Female country duo Maddie & Tae, X Factor Finalists Sister C, and Beyonce's "Su...
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    Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Slots (3 slots total)

    I am a mixtape DJ with Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, Sucker Proof DJs and The Fleet DJs and am always looking for material to break. I offer slots to artists at full pricing, but often have a few slots open on each tape once it has paid for itself. I am opening those slots up to you for just $10 each....
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    Seeking song for Trey Songz next release

    Trey Songz will begin recording his next album shortly after he comes off tour. We are seeking new songs for him to record and perform in his style, sound and feel. If you think you have something for him, please submit it as we will let you know if we can use it or not and if we can, we'll be ...
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    Seeking new artists to manage

    D2 Management is seeking new artists to manage in the R&B Alternative genre. If you have what it takes, a strong work ethic and the desire to partner with managers with artists already signed to major labels, please submit your best material.
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    We are looking for hip hop artists to sign!

    Looking For: Hip Hop, Rap, complete songs with vocals, and instrumentals Explicit Lyrics Accepted: Yes Instrumentals Accepted: Yes (no uncleared samples) Compensation: Licensing fees, Royalties, Publishing deals We've had over 100 Hip Hop music ringtone placements, in Indonesia, parts of the...
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    R&B Music Needed

    Looking For: R&B, Neo Soul, complete songs with vocals, and instrumentals Explicit Lyrics Accepted: Yes Instrumentals Accepted: Yes (no uncleared samples) Compensation: Licensing fees, Royalties, Publishing deals We are looking for some exceptional R&B music. We are only interested in serious...
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    Feature Review on The Music Feed & Promotions on Twitter

    Receive a Feature Review of your music on complete with photo, bio, social links, buy now links as well as free preview of your music, and download if you choose, via an embedded module in the article from a music streaming website such as bandcamp, soundcloud, reverbnation etc. ...
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    Be Featured On The Front Cover Of A Coast 2 Coast Mixtape

    You could be the focal point of the next Coast 2 Coast mixtape cover! This deal will get you 3 of your tracks featured on a Coast 2 Coast mixtape that you will grace the cover of! These tapes will be featured on apx 10-20 sites and will be sent out to thousands of industry contacts and DJs. TO QU...
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    Universal Artist Recording Female Artist Needs ( Songs Similar to Keri Hilson/Ciara/Kelly Rowland

    Universal Artist Recording Female Artist Needs ( Songs Similar to Keri Hilson/Ciara/Kelly Rowland) Song needs to sound full and completed. Higher than demo quality. Also the artist needs to have the same tone and phrasing as these artist. - Music Of The Sea Inc.
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    A&R/Producer Need Hit Song Submissions for Major Record Label

    I need songs for all genres for major artist like Katy Perry, TI, Pink, Beyonce etc.... Also for rappers I need tracks with hooks only. Serious inquiries only, we need great songs and if your song is selected someone will contact you to negotiate deal points. - New Revolt
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    Searching For The Next Smash Hit Songwriters To Write For Major Pop Stars

    We are a 17 yr old Billboard Top Charting/Award Winning Production Company searching for the next Smash Hit Songwriter to topline to musical tracks for major pop stars. After you submit your song we will review the content, style and perspective of your writing if we like it we will ask for your ...
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    Accepting Demos In ALL GENRES For Label Deals & Placements

    Little Guy's Rise™ is accepting demos in ALL GENRES for label opportunities and placements. We're on the lookout for great songs and/or acts in any style of music. While we specialize in pop, country, and hip-hop, we're eager to find both mainstream and fringe creators seeking development, brandi...
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    Singer-Songwriter Songs Needed, Looking For Songs & Topliners

    Looking for great singing and great songs for multiple pitching and collaboration opportunities. If you feel like you sing great we may be able to use you on some of our demos and re-cuts as a topliner, so send in anything that displays your singing. Likewise, if you compose great songs and hooks...
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    Artist Development & Songwriting Deals

    Splash Galaxy Music is actively working on several procurements for syncs and artist placements. At this time we are opening the gate to artists and writers who are looking to both develop as recording artists in the studio as well as land writing and collaboration sessions with producers in pop,...
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    Seeking R&B hits for newly signed female artist

    Red Rock Studios seeking R&B hits for newly signed female artist-Seeking both uptempo and slow R&B tracks for a project we have in-house. Please send your best R&B Tracks.
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    Melodic & Epic Songs Needed For Touring EDM Act

    Send your demos in if you are a songwriter who has a great sense of melody, song structure, and can deliver a memorable chorus and lyric. Splash Galaxy® Music has the green light for a pitch to a label A&R for one of their touring EDM acts (there are female singers in the group, but male vocals o...
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    Song Submission and Critique - Recording & Engineering

    All Around Sound Recording has worked with 5-Time Platinum Artist Tonya Kelly, Parkay whose recent projects have featured artist such as; Lil Wayne, French Montana,Twista, Keysha Cole and Demi Songs, dozens of DJs, Labels, and Radio Personalities. We were founded to provide quality and affordable...
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    Get your music in major retail stores

    Most have been wondering how to get your music in major clothing chains for example. How about we help you out and submit your music for rotation, to the following: Victoria's Secret, Macy's, Sears, Underground Station, Foot Locker, Tommy Hilfiger etc. There are no reports with this opportun...
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    Radio Blast PER COUNTRY

    It's very simple. We save time and reach more stations than artists could, on their own. With the Blast PER COUNTRY - you get to pick ONE country where you want to blast your music to - e.g. USA, or Canada, or Germany, or Norway, or Australia, or Japan etc. ANY COUNTRY. Our lists cover around...
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    Electronic Music Needed For Ad Placement

    Little Guy's Rise™ has solidified a new procurement with a major brand. They are looking for youthful, upbeat, and electronic sounding hooks, tracks, and songs to be used to target young consumers. This opportunity has some double-magic built into it, in that we are also looking especially hard f...
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    Hip-Hop-Pop Needed For Placements & Roster

    Little Guy's Rise™ is on the lookout for upbeat and exciting hip-hop tracks fused with great pop song hooks and singing. We are working with various teams on ad and other synch placements, as well as considering artists working in this genre for our roster and library. Think of tracks like "Dark ...