Matches for your song.

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    Collaborate with Former Song Of The Year Winner!

    Send me your best song that shows off your vocal performance and or songwriting talents! Looking to fill several opportunities including Male and Female vocalists with excellent recording voices in RnB, Rock, Country, Pop, Adult Contemporary and Hip Hop/Rap. Many industry connections for song pla...
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    Publishing Opportunity - Looking for "Hits and Hooks"

    In search of hit songs for numerous Publishing opportunities! All genres welcome for this submission dropbox. Demos are Okay.
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    Film, Video Game, & Ad Music For Licensing

    We are looking for original music for some of our indie film, music video, video game, advertising, and audio book procurements. The ideal candidate should be interested in composing melodic music, as well as reasonably versed in film scores and sync music. We're also accepting bands and solo art...
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    Alternative Pop Songs Needed for Female Singer

    Splash Galaxy Music has the go-ahead to pitch to the manager of a New York-based female singer / songwriter. She has a wide vocal range, with some alternative and edgy pop vocal capabilities, and is looking for a solid single. *Her label is putting promotion dollars behind her singles, airplay,...
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    Reels Needed For Music Supervisor Of Feature Films

    Splash Galaxy® Music is welcoming reels for procurement with a music supervisor who has handled several feature films. In terms of songwriting and composition, the most likely winners will be tracks sung with creative and tonally unique vocals. If you are a songwriter, be crafty and clever with y...
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    Strong Hit Country Songs For Female Artist

    Splash Galaxy Music is working on procurement for a pop-tilted female country artist who has the longevity potential and touring capabilities to back up a solid record. We're able to pitch solid demos with very memorable and epic choruses, either male or female demo singers being acceptable. We'l...
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    Search For Songwriters in Pop & Country

    Splash Galaxy® Music is now taking submissions of well-crafted pop & country songs from promising songwriters who are looking for publishing opportunities, as well as co-writing and collaboration procurements. This is a special search for the most talented and hard-working writers who are ready t...
  • Universal

    Seeking Great Bands and Acts - Strategic Insights & Research

    Universal Music Group's Strategic Insights & Research department is seeking bands and acts that have significant and growing traction in the market. Please submit your best work if and only if you can point to key performance indicators that demonstrate market traction. This could include sales ...
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    New Music Review in Music Connection Magazine

    Each month Music Connection reviews 12 artists in its "New Music Critiques" section of the magazine. If you are an artist without a record deal or major distribution, you may submit to be reviewed here. We will choose at least 2 artists from this pool each month to review, so make sure you fill o...
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    Pop Singles For Incredible Female Diva

    18 year old pop diva, dancer, actress needs to cut pop singles for landing major record label deal. Splash Galaxy is working closely with her management (reputable team who have had great success). What song should she sing? Send in hits! If we like the writing we'll consider you for our writing ...