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    Worldwide Song Placement Opportunities.

    I'm seeking "Kings Of Leon", "Cold Play" type of alternative rock songs and "Acoustic/Folk songs" for Worldwide Licensing placement in Film, TV, Video Games, Webcast, and in the digital download arena. MTV, VH1, Xelon Entertainment, Lifetime, Documentaries, Discovery, Etc... High Quality Submissi...
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    Consideration for Release on Beats label HEY WTF Records

    Hey WTF Records is an established cassette + digital label from Boston, MA, looking to release beats of all kinds and styles (hip-hop, futurebeat, rnb, who knows). Send your demos to this dropbox and we'll listen to your music for consideration on our label! DO NOT contact the industry professi...
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    Consider Your Act for a Recording Contract With Mountain Size

    A team of A&R staff members will conscientiously listen to your song to determine if we can offer you a recording contract. We are open to all styles of music. A portion of your submission will go towards Unicef. (Because of our location, we suggest only Colorado artists submit.)