Matches for your song.

  • Jeff_blue_musicxray_pic

    Submit your song to Jeff Blue for consideration

    Jeff is always seeking great acts. He has a number of opportunities he is working on and is eager to find new talent. His specialty is grooming bands and developing them for major label success. Do you have what it takes? Jeff was responsible for signing Macy Gray, Hoobastank, Daniel Powter, Lin...
  • Jake_livingston

    Looking for Hot Adult Contemporary Songs like "Hey Soul Sister"

    Looking for Hot Adult Contemporary songs similar to Train's "Hey Soul Sister"
  • Mathteam

    Consideration for Film, TV, Gaming and Commercial Music Licensing

    Submit your music for consideration for various licensing deals. Some past and current clients include MTV, ABC, WB, Fuel TV, Gamefly, VH1, Fox, Vans and Roxy to name a few. We will contact you if we like what we hear and can work with you. - The Math Team
  • Jeff_blue_musicxray_pic

    Quick phone consult, leading to personalized workshop at my home in LA - I develop and break acts!

    Recently, I began inviting promising bands / acts to LA where we spend a few days to a week working together, co-writing, recording and preparing an act for a career-launching event. All but one act I've worked with in recent memory have secured a major deal after these sessions. For this oppor...
  • Screenshot_2014-02-17_17

    major label KPOP & JPOP acts in production.

    Accepting high quality produced pop, dance, R&B for major label KPOP & JPOP acts in production. ARTIST SOUNDS ASIA
  • Pink_rose_on_sheet_mus_7_fotolia_4972686


    SEVERAL major country artists are currently looking for HIT SINGLES for their next CD. Many A-List recording artists are still not satisfied with the material they have for their next CD release. Producers are extremely eager to hear from new breakthrough songwriters willing to supply their A-Li...
  • Sgm_tm

    Pop Singles For Female Soul Pop Singer

    Splash Galaxy has procured a pitching opportunity with a female "future" soul pop singer who is cutting tracks and needs a pop anthem for a single release. Think about the vocals of Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Beyonce with the electro pop production of Ke$ha, Katy Perry and even some 90's R&B vocal...
  • Pink_rose_on_sheet_mus_7_fotolia_4972686

    Sara Evans is currently “looking.”

    We are currently screening material for presentation to Sara Evans for her next CD. Send your very best material and please include lyrics. The bar is very high but this could be an outstanding opportunity for the right songwriter.
  • Sgm_tm

    Reels Needed For Music Supervisor Of Feature Films

    Splash Galaxy® Music is welcoming reels for procurement with a music supervisor who has handled several feature films. In terms of songwriting and composition, the most likely winners will be tracks sung with creative and tonally unique vocals. If you are a songwriter, be crafty and clever with y...
  • Little guys rise - logo with tm

    Female Electro-Pop Artist Needs Songs

    Little Guy's Rise™ is looking to procure a breakout-quality cut for an 18-year-old diva's EP. She specializes in Rihanna-like belting in the electro-pop and dance-pop realm, as well as in the sexy Britney vocals. We're hoping the songs can be tilted in love & relationships, unique partying mantra...
  • Overdrive-productions

    DJ Skribble Seeking EDM/DJ tracks for new artists

    Overdrive Productions is seeking uptempo EDM/DJ Tracks for world famous DJ Skribble to shop to its label contacts. Must have some or all vocal We will listen and respond to everything submitted to us via Music Xray. View DJ Skribble's EPK here:
  • Overdrive-productions

    Maxim Supermodel DJ Paola Shea, Seeking EDM/DJ Tracks

    Overdrive Productions and Entertainment Direct are seeking uptempo EDM/DJ Tracks for Maxim's DJ Paola Shea to shop to its label contacts. We will listen and respond to everything submitted to us via Music Xray. Must have some or all vocal Paola Shea: Live Boomer and Carton -
  • Picture47

    Organic Pop Songs for Danish star

    We have started working with a Danish artist / Tv personality who has her own reality show and a previous album on the market and we are now looking for song for her next album. She wants organic pop songs in English. References: Natalie Imbruglia - Torn No Doubt - Don't Speak Lene Marlin - U...
  • Sgm_tm

    Topliners, Producers & Hook Writers For Electro Alternative Hip-Hop Group

    Splash Galaxy® Music has been asked to supply songs with topline hooks and lyrics to an up-and-coming electro hip-hop group (and their management). Being real musicians based on the east coast, this group has unlimited touring potential, as well as the entertainment and vocal talent to strike cro...
  • Screen_shot_2014-06-03_at_1

    A&R company looking for artists for Pop compilation

    Every week we release a new compilation showcasing the best works by a newly discovered artist or group. Our compilations are submitted to all our entertainment industry clients for the purpose of generating revenue and publicity. Our clients include music libraries, music streaming services, boo...
  • Screen_shot_2014-06-03_at_1

    Breakup Songs needed for Licensing

    Sad songs for those moments after the love has gone. We would like to hear anguished, indignant, disillusioned, emotional lyrics and sad love stories. We like husky, enticing vocals, for example Toni Braxton songs like Unbreak My Heart and Another Sad Love Song. In addition to R&B/Soul we are a...
  • Screen_shot_2014-06-03_at_1

    Seeking Beach Party Music for Licensing

    We need Beach Party Anthems! Themes that include Water sports, sunshine, pretty girls in bikinis, Pina Coladas, spring break, summer and anything that screams out beach party. Pool party themes will also work just as well. Upbeat mainstream Pop, R&B, Rock and Rap are preferred but other genres ar...
  • Kcs

    Looking for Music producer / Trackmaker for a TV Show & Feature Film

    One of our recording artists sealed a deal with a US TV/Film director that our recording artist will have her appearance in the TV show & feature film (expected to be on Netflix or Hulu Plus). The show & feature film will use 4 songs of the artist chosen by the director to fit into the show & fea...
  • Little guys rise - logo with tm

    Mid-Year Song Search - Pop, Dance, Folk-Pop - Artist Placements

    Little Guy's Rise™ is throwing a song search party in honor of the mid-year-mark of 2014. We've seen a lot of great trends that are working in pop, dance, and folk. Namely we're looking for writers who are solid in the LYRIC & MELODY arena. Making a lyric belong to that infectious tune is a must;...
  • Screen_shot_2014-06-03_at_1

    Fantasy Pop Music required for licensing

    Hypnotic, dreamy, flowery songs by female singers. The songs must be extremely cheerful and colorful, and they must be memorable too; the type of songs one would sing along to on a bright sunny day. The lyrics should be simple and playful. The perfect track that comes to mind is Ooh La La by Brit...
  • Hdmnlogosquare1

    Music Supervisor Seeking Danceable Latin Influenced songs for a Latin Dance Feature

    We are music supervising a film, Strictly Salsa and we are seeking Latin influenced music for the film. It is a dance film in the vein of "Step Up" or "Strictly Ballroom" so we want songs with good Rhythms. Salsa (of course) Latin pop Latin rock Latin jazz Cumbias Corridors Merengue Reggaeton...