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    Song Critique from Grammy Nominated Producer

    I will analyze your song and give my professional opinion by breaking it down into parts and sharing some secrets we as professional producer/songwriters use to stay on top of the Billboard charts. - New Revolt
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    Seeking Music for The Queendom Playlist

    Submit your single for consideration to be aired on "The Queendom Playlist" on "RAW Radio Powered by I Am Classic Hip Hop". Your music must be mixed and mastered in a mp3/wave format. If the song is selected you will be asked to send your album artwork, bio, social media, web...
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    Music Review from G1 Muzic

    We will review and critique your song for mixtape. distribution and label opportunities. We will give you honest feedback and suggestions to help you improve your record.G1 Muzic is an Indie record label and music distribution company formed in 2011 based Down South World Wide. Home of artists Ca...
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    Seeking Artists for G1 Muzic

    Submit music to be rated and reviewed for project inclusion or distribution opportunities with G1 Muzic. Any record for distribution must have the legal rights to proceed with the agreement. We will also have mixtapes being released by our G1DJ's.G1 Muzic is an Indie record label and music distri...