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  • Frogville

    Label Roster Consideration at Frogville Records

    Frogville records - est. 2002 Frogville Records seeks new music in the genres of Indie rock, americana, folk, singer/songwriter, alt. countryFrogville is part of a rich musical community and our studio has had the pleasure of recording blues legend Taj Mahal, singer Shannon Mcnally, actors Val Ki...
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    Universal Music Group Nashville Seeking Country songs for our roster of acts

    Universal Nashville is always seeking great Country songs for our roster of acts. We are looking for hit songs with a modern country feel. Please be sure to let us know what major artists you think the song could work for.
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    Seeking Hit Country Songs for Artist Placements

    If you understand what constitutes a hit country song, send us your best. Include a lyric sheet. We have several key pitch meetings coming up throughout the Spring. Big hooks and great lyrics are a must. Male or female lead vocals; we need both. Traditional or new country? We need both. Up-tempo ...