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  • Frogville

    Label Roster Consideration at Frogville Records

    Frogville records - est. 2002 Frogville Records seeks new music in the genres of Indie rock, americana, folk, singer/songwriter, alt. countryFrogville is part of a rich musical community and our studio has had the pleasure of recording blues legend Taj Mahal, singer Shannon Mcnally, actors Val Ki...
  • Lgr twitter

    Film, Video Game, & Ad Music For Licensing

    We are looking for original music for some of our indie film, music video, video game, advertising, and audio book procurements. The ideal candidate should be interested in composing melodic music, as well as reasonably versed in film scores and sync music. We're also accepting bands and solo art...
  • Sgm tm

    Singer-Songwriter Songs Needed, Looking For Songs & Topliners

    Looking for great singing with strong vocal technique and crafty, focused songwriting for multiple pitching and collaboration opportunities. If you feel like you can be a topliner for a publishing company we may be able to use you on some of our demos and re-cuts, so send in anything that display...
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    SEVERAL major country artists are currently looking for HIT SINGLES for their next CD. Many A-List recording artists are still not satisfied with the material they have for their next CD release. Producers are extremely eager to hear from new breakthrough songwriters willing to supply their A-Li...
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    Universal Music Group Nashville Seeking Country songs for our roster of acts

    Universal Nashville is always seeking great Country songs for our roster of acts. We are looking for hit songs with a modern country feel. Please be sure to let us know what major artists you think the song could work for.
  • Lgr twitter

    Instrumentals & Moody Music For Film & Ads

    Little Guy's Rise is pitching to supervisors and production departments as well as scouting for library music for moving picture placements. We are currently working on an advertising campaign, as well as various film placements. Send in your quality instrumentals and ambient tracks and we'll see...
  • Sgm tm

    Search For Songwriters in Pop & Country

    Splash Galaxy® Music is taking submissions of well-crafted pop & country songs from promising songwriters who are looking for publishing opportunities, as well as co-writing and collaboration procurements. This is a special search for the most talented and hard-working writers who are ready t...
  • Sgm tm

    Topliners, Producers & Hook Writers For Electro Alternative Hip-Hop Group

    Splash Galaxy® Music has been asked to supply songs with topline hooks and lyrics to an up-and-coming electro hip-hop group (and their management). Being real musicians based on the east coast, this group has unlimited touring potential, as well as the entertainment and vocal talent to strike cro...
  • Lgr twitter

    Video Game Music Needed - Electronic & Orchestral Sounds

    Little Guy's Rise is working on a pitch package for a music supervisor of video game music. As an anecdote, this supervisor often selects tracks that can also work for web-based advertisements, as they also procure in the internet ad space for several clients. Genres that would be acceptable are ...
  • Lgr twitter

    Brand New Video Game Series Seeks Soundtrack

    A strongly-connected indie video game company is working on a mobile app in the fantasy / role-playing genre. ALL ORCHESTRAL AND ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME. There is a "generous" up-front advance, sales royalties.