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    Universal Music Group Nashville Seeking Country songs for our roster of acts

    Universal Nashville is always seeking great Country songs for our roster of acts. We are looking for hit songs with a modern country feel. Please be sure to let us know what major artists you think the song could work for.
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    Artistry Worldwide Seeking Hip-Hop & Rap for Film and TV Licensing

    Artistry Worldwide is seeking easy to clear, well-produced hip-hop and rap music for film and tv licensing. Both instrumentals and vocal songs. We get a constant stream of TV and film briefs and are always in need of quality music. You must own or have the rights to the track(s) you are submittin...
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    Seeking Music for New Artistic Music Library

    I'm the lead A&R for a new music library catalog which is currently in negotiation for worldwide distribution. In a nutshell, the concept of the catalog is to offer music with extraordinary/artistic sounds and original aesthetics which are also sync-friendly. Think of artists like Trentemoell...