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    Multiplatinum Producer, Mr. Mig Looking for Hit songs and Tracks!

    Congratulations to our last Music X-Ray pick, Esquille, from Sweden! His tracks "Take U Higher" and "HEYO" have been signed to our label, Global Groove Ent. ( and have been blowing up the CURRENT US CLUB/DANCE CHARTS: ABOUT THIS DROPBOX: World Renowned Producer Mr. Mig...
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    Grammy Nominated Producer/Remixer Mike Rizzo Looking for New Artists to Sign - Pop, Dance, Electro, Rock, Hip Hop

    Grammy Nominated producer Mike Rizzo looking to sign new artists (Global Groove Ent, Funk Generation Music). Worldwide distribution through Ingrooves/Universal Digital. Genres include Pop, Dance, Electro, Rock and Hip Hop.
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    Record Exec. Needs Huge Pop Records for Top Charting Artist

    Please send only smash hits and be prepared to send instrumentals for demo purposes and willing to do a co pub deal only on the songs submitted. Respectfully, A&R Dept. - New Revolt
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    Looking For Songs To Pitch To Female Pop Singer

    We're looking for BIG CHORUS tracks in the style of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and P!nk, and to pitch to female pop singer Some key themes we're specifically looking for: Clear verse / chorus / bridge separation and textural changes Tension and release, electronic music style buildups and ...
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    Seeking Songs for Film/TV/Commercials - Grammy Winning Production Company

    We are currently seeking Pop/Alternative/Rock/Urban songs for potential placement in various Television an Film projects that we are currently working on. Both male and female vocals are accepted. All songs must be high quality, broadcast ready, and copy written prior to being submitted. serious...
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    Alternative Pop Songs Needed for Female Singer

    Splash Galaxy Music has the go-ahead to pitch to the manager of a New York-based female singer / songwriter. She has a wide vocal range, with some alternative and edgy pop vocal capabilities, and is looking for a solid single. *Her label is putting promotion dollars behind her singles, airplay,...
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    Join Multi Platinum Producer Mr. Mig's Team

    Producer/Songwriter Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore is responsible for countless chart topping Dance and Pop Records over the last 2 decades. His resume includes work on 50 Top 10 Billboard Tracks on productions and remixes for artists such as Beyonce, Usher, Jason Derulo, John Legend, Jill Scott LeAnn ...
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    Artist Development & Songwriting Deals

    Splash Galaxy Music is actively working on several procurements for syncs and artist placements. At this time we are opening the gate to artists and writers who are looking to both develop as recording artists in the studio as well as land writing and collaboration sessions with producers in pop,...
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    Quality Love Songs For Film Placement

    Splash Galaxy® Music is welcoming any and all love songs for a procurement we've landed with a film supervisor. Without over-telling the movie's plot, think American Pie's college-aged cast lives out the spooky "who-dun-it?" Scream plot. Simply, this is a fun yet dark film, and we're expecting yo...
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    Search For Songwriters in Pop & Country

    Splash Galaxy® Music is taking submissions of well-crafted pop & country songs from promising songwriters who are looking for publishing opportunities, as well as co-writing and collaboration procurements. This is a special search for the most talented and hard-working writers who are ready to th...
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    Special Vocal Performances Sync Placements Needed

    Splash Galaxy® Music is looking for unique vocal performances, either male or female, to be considered for an upcoming film placement, as well as other regularly available sync and library considerations. The genre and tempo of music that features these vocal performances is not of great concern ...
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    Search For Syncs: Film, Jingle & Ad Composers

    Splash Galaxy® Music is opening the gate for any and all instrumentals, clever jingles, well-produced songs, and compositions that can work as syncs for film, ads, video games, and other moving pictures. We're looking to find a prolific composer, producer, and/or sound designer who can be called ...
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    Pop Singles For Incredible Female Diva

    18 year old pop diva, dancer, actress needs to cut pop singles for landing major record label deal. Splash Galaxy is working closely with her management (reputable team who have had great success). What song should she sing? Send in hits! If we like the writing we'll consider you for our writing ...
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    Gimmicky Pop Songs Needed For Super Hot Female Artist

    Premise: If Meghan Trainor can sky-rocket to #1 with "All About That Bass" then it proves we are in a total no-man's land going into the autumn pop markets (great job Epic Records!). Hypothesis: Splash Galaxy® Music has 100% decision-making, fully autonomous, procurement, and provisional veto-po...
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    Songs Needed For Female Pop RnB Artist

    Splash Galaxy® Music has the 100% say on procuring songs for a very talented female artist in the pop / R&B space. Don't try for an album cut; send her SINGLES. We are looking for hits for this project. What defines a hit? We'll be looking for hooks, clever melodic material, and lyrics that are d...