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  • Hdmnlogosquare1

    Seeking Music for Advertisements/Commercials

    We are actively seeking songs and instrumentals for Advertisements. If you are uncertain of what type of music that would be, we suggest doing some research before submitting and looking up commercials on youtube. Listen closely to the various types of music that they are using in commercials. ...
  • Strictlyrolling

    Label needs singer songwriters for dance crossover tracks

    Strictly Rolling is looking for great vocal hooks to use in major dance releases. Pop, alternative, punk, funk, folk , country and hip hop. Current list of artists include Melanie Mackintosh, Antho, DJ Kenflow, Jaypah and Red Fever. In September 2010 Strictly Rolling launched its own record labe...
  • Strictlyrolling

    Label Needs Pop Songs for New Boy Band Project

    Strictly Rolling is looking for dance/pop /hiphop crossover songs for an exciting new boy band project. Vocal and instrumental tracks welcome! Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.- Carl Mills / Strictly Rolling Deal Type: Label / Mangement Signing Decision Maker: We are the fina...