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Linnette A. Harrigan
President/CEO - Linnette Harrigan Media (formerly H Music)

Linnette Harrigan Media is a music and entertainment firm specializing in music, production, licensing, marketing & promotions, . The firm is especially supportive of the independent music community,

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Back To School/Kid Songs Needed For Commercials
LHM is working with an advertiser who seeks original songs for back to school ads. Looking for upbeat songs with children's voices (or young voices). Especially looking for urban or Hip Hop styles. However, ... Learn More
Original Dance/Club Music Needed For TV Series
LHM is seeking Dance/Club tracks for a returning TV Series. Particularly seeking high energy songs with powerful beats and lyrics about Dancing & having fun similar to such songs as ON THE FLOOR (Jennifer Lo... Learn More
Female "Girl Power" Songs Needed For TV Sports Ads
LHM is now seeking original, upbeat VOCAL songs with such themes as "Women In Charge" "Phenomenal Woman," "Sisters Doing It For Themselves," etc. for upcoming TV Sports Advertisements. We're especially looking ... Learn More
1930s - 1940s Jazz/Big Band Needed for TV drama
LHM is now seeking music that is either from the 1930's through the 1940's for a television series. We are open to Jazz, Big Band, Swing, Blues, Pop Music, Foreign Pop, Gospel, Boogie Woogie, Rhythm & Blues, Gyps... Learn More
Upbeat Hip Hop Needed For TV Reality
LHM is now in search Upbeat Hip Hop tracks for a TV reality show. Songs must original (with no samples) and you must own/control all master & publishing to submit. Looking for all types, especially tracks with vocals and lyrics on partying, drinking, etc.
Reflective Pop Songs Needed For TV (Selena Gomez Vein)
LHM is in search of Pop Songs which are reflective. Particularly looking for female songs with themes/lyrics and vocals on looking inward, learning life lessons and/or growth. Looking for all tempos with s... Learn More
Songs In The Vein Of Beyonce Needed For TV
LHM is now seeking original tracks in the vein of Beyonce "Single Ladies," & "Love On Top" for Television Dramas & Reality. Tracks should be uptempo with female vocals. Also looking for songs in the vein of Jan... Learn More
Female Party Pop Tracks Needed for TV Reality
LHM is now seeking upbeat Party Pop tracks with female vocals for TV Reality. We are especially seeking songs with attitude and lyrics on partying, drinking, having fun with the girls, etc. You must own/c... Learn More
Industrial Rock Needed For TV
LHM is now in search of Industrial Rock tracks (vocal & instrumentals) for an ongoing television drama We're looking for medium tempo tracks which are dark in theme and tone. Such artists as Skinny Puppy, ... Learn More
Female Hip Hop For TV Reality
LHM is now in search of Hip Hop with Female Vocals for a TV Reality Especially looking for upbeat styles with clean lyrics. Check seed track for reference. All tracks must be SAMPLE-FREE. You must also own or control all master/publishing to submit for these projects.
Electronic Tracks Needed For TV Show
LHM is looking for all types of electronic tracks for a TV Reality Series. Songs in the vein of Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound are a great example (see video for reference): ... Learn More
Competition Songs For Sports TV & Commercials (All Styles)
Linnette Harrigan Media is in search of original Competition tracks for Sports TV Promos and Commercials. We're e... Learn More
Emotional Hip Hop Needed For Television & Films
We are searching for Emotional Hip Hop for TV and FIlms. Especially looking for Wiz Khalifa styles (vocal tracks with no samples). You must own/control all master and publishing in order to submit. Listen to seed track for reference
Upbeat Love Songs Needed For Television Show
Linnette Harrigan Media is in search of Love songs for a Reality Television series. Specifically need songs similar or in vein of following artists (see links below): Kate Herzig (Free My Mind), http:/... Learn More
Rock Instrumental Tracks Needed For TV Shows
Linnette Harrigan Media is in search of Uptempo Rock Instrumentals as well as vocal tracks for Reality television shows. Especially looking for heavy metal tracks in the style of Black Sabbath (band). See ... Learn More
Quirky Pop Tracks Needed For TV Shows & Film
Linnette Harrigan Media is in search of Uptempo Pop tracks in the style of Feist & Katie Herzig for television reality. See link for reference: You must own and/or control masters/publishing.
Hip Hop Instrumentals Needed For TV Shows & Films
Linnette Harrigan Media is in search of Uptempo Hip Hop Instrumentals for a TV Reality show. Especially looking for Rick Ross style tracks. See seed track for reference: Tracks must be sample free and you must own master/publishing. Shows pay $500-$1500 for selected tracks.
Punk Rock needed for reality TV Show.
Linnette Harrigan Media is in search of Punk rock similar in style to such groups as The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Green Day, The Clash, etc. for upcoming TV Reality Shows. Songs should be fun, upbeat, energetic for the show. Looking for many, many songs and all styles in this genre.
Surf Rock Music Needed For Television
Linnette Harrigan Media is searching for Surf Rock in the style of Dick Dale for Reality Television Songs should be uptempo and fun - see youtube link below for reference: Lo... Learn More
Hillbilly Country & Punk Music Needed for TV & Film
Linnette Harrigan Media is now looking for all styles of Hillbilly Country music for upcoming television reality projects. Especially looking for hillybilly punk styles - see link for reference: Uptempos preferred. You must own all master/publishing.
Linnette Harrigan Professional Song Critique - Get Your Songs In Film and TV   ...
Linnette is an experienced music supervisor who receives hundreds of songs per month and is responsible for helping many film and television producers find new songs for their projects. Linnette's critique inc... Learn More
Unique Song Covers (Re-makes) Wanted for Film/TV & Commercials
Linnette Harrigan Media is looking for unique song covers for film, television & commercials - all styles welcome. Songs should be re-arranged and unique, varying from the original song. You may submit a co... Learn More
Songs For Linnette Harrigan Media Catalog Consideration (Music For TV, Film &   ...
Submit Songs of all Genres & Styles to be considered by Linnette Harrigan Media catalog - for our clients in Film, Television, Video Games & Advertising.
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