Producer David Snow Offering to Help Unsigned Artists

David Snow
President/Producer/Music Publisher - Little Hipster Music

From Faith Hill to the Latin Pop world, Hip Hop and beyond. This amazing Jack-of-all-trades Producer is here to help YOUR music be all it can be!

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Available Opportunities

Vocal comping and pitch correction magic- Done by a world class   ...
Have your vocals tuned by a master producer who can put every note of your vocal performance into the "sweet spot"Have your vocal takes compiled so that the best of every line get's into your final vocal performance. Let veteran industry producer David Snow, (Arista-EMI-Warner) (Faith Hill, Aman...  Learn More
World Class Producer giving 3 to 5 hr block of consulting time to   ...
Are you unsure which song of yours is the best song? Are you having trouble choosing which of your songs is best for a full fledged production? Do you want to start shopping your songs but are unsure of which you should shop first? Too many songs, not enough objectivity? Are you wondering if ...  Learn More
Initial Critique Leading to Full Production
David is looking to help bands and artists that are in need of a real producer with his skills to help them get to the next level. This is an initial critique to get to know the artist and what level they are at. And with David he doesn't just say "like" or "dis-like", his critiques are like bein...  Learn More
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