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Song/Demo Critique - Steve Stewart Entertainment
submission price: $10.00

Song/Demo Critique - Steve Stewart Entertainment

I will listen to your song and respond to you with opinions and suggestions on production, structure and lyrical quality and content.

Steve Stewart has more than 20 years of management experience in the music and entertainment industry. As founder and president of Steve Stewart Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based artist management and entertainment company, he has negotiated and secured lucrative major label record and publishing contracts on behalf of approximately 20 recording artists with companies such as Sony Music, Warner Bros. Records, Atlantic Records, Capitol Records, Disney’s Hollywood Records, A&M Records, Geffen Records, Elektra Records, American Records, Maverick Records, EMI Music Publishing, Famous Music Publishing, Rondor Music, Warner Chappell Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing.

Want Your Demo to Sound like a Master?
submission price: $90.00

Want Your Demo to Sound like a Master?

Do you want your demo to sound like a master? The music and entertainment industries require broadcast-quality recordings for placement, licensing, and roster consideration. Unprofessional-sounding tracks do not get the attention they may deserve. Let industry pro and Grammy-winner Jeff Bova evaluate how to improve your song, arrangement, and mix to achieve professional broadcast standards.

If Jeff feels he can help you with further production or mixing, he will present you with a proposal, offering reasonable rates for him to produce or mix your song. In this case, you would be able to use Jeff’s name to help give your project more credibility. Your submission fee will be applied toward any production or mixing fees should Jeff and you decide to work together.

Professional Song Critique - Wayne Thompson / Whamzoo
submission price: $20.00

Professional Song Critique - Wayne Thompson / Whamzoo

Under this option Wayne will thoughtfully and honestly give you his professional opinion on the song and offer suggestions for how improvements might be made.

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Foley Entertainment Music Feedback and Phone Consultation
submission price: $0.00

Foley Entertainment Music Feedback and Phone Consultation

Through this opportunity on Music Xray, you can submit two of your songs to me for a written evaluation AND a 15 minute phone consultation. Believe me, I can pack a great deal of valuable advice into 15 minutes. For an additional fee, the phone consultation can be extended to 30 or 60 minutes if you so choose.

This is an opportunity for you to get helpful feedback on your songs AND speak with an experienced, caring, licensed music industry professional. My advice and career guidance will point you in the right direction. I’m the person who literally wrote the book about Artist Development and now you can speak with me directly. Please visit my Web site for a full Bio, Client Testimonials and links to TV Talk Show interviews that are filled with free advice & insight.

Topics for Phone Consultations Include: Building a Team, Song Selection, Song Arranging, Intellectual Property, Artist Development, Press Kits, Photography, Image, Management, Booking Agents, TV/Film Placement, Marketing, Radio Promotion, Publicity, Advertising, Touring, Record Companies, Music Publishing, Videos, Merchandise, Distribution, Along with answering your questions

The genres I would be interested in receiving are:
Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Americana, Country, Blues, Jazz, World, Metal, Children's Music

Cooper anderson
Production Critique from Grammy Winning Music Producer/Engineer/Songwriter Cooper Anderson
submission price: $10.00

Production Critique from Grammy Winning Music Producer/Engineer/Songwriter Cooper Anderson

Since I am a producer, I know how easy it is to lose perspective when you’re working on a project. With this service I can help you get back on track by telling you how your track is perceived by a seasoned outsider. I will comment on the lyrics, melodies, arrangement, production, mix, mastering, and anything else you would like. Just leave any questions with the submission and I'll give you a detailed response.

- Cooper Anderson

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Roc Nation A&R Randy Rodriquez is Seeking to Critique Producers for Management Consideration
submission price: $12.00

Roc Nation A&R Randy Rodriquez is Seeking to Critique Producers for Management Consideration

Roc Nation A&R Randy Rodriquez is looking for amazing, producers and songwriters for label roster consideration, management, and artist placements. This opportunity is not for rappers as most Roc Nation artists write their own raps. Songwriters and producers only please. A full critique and consideration for involvement at Roc Nation will be provided.

Submit your best work for consideration. Founded in 2008, Roc Nation is a full-service entertainment company, inclusive of artist, songwriter, producer and engineer management; music publishing; touring & merchandising; film & television; new business ventures; and a music label. It is home to a diverse roster comprised of critically acclaimed recording artists, writers and producers including Rihanna, Shakira, J. Cole, Rita Ora, Calvin Harris, NO ID, Timbaland, Santigold, DJ Mustard and more. Roc Nation has a partnership with global management company, Three Six Zero.

- Randy "Spanish Ran" Rodriguez A&R - Roc Nation

Killa Playlist Consideration
submission price: $10.00

Killa Playlist Consideration

Track consideration for Killa playlist Spotify Playlists.

- Killa Pop 1.5k follower playlist showcasing the very best in pop music.
- Killa EDM 500 Follower playlist with huge EDM Hits.
- Killa Rock 600 Follower playlist with the freshest rock tracks
- Killa Rap 505 Follower Playlist for the slickest bars.
- Acoustic Vibes 550 Follower playlist with chilled out and country vibes.
- BEAST MODE 500 Follower Playlist with BRUTAL DANCE tunes to go hard to at the gym
- Fresh pop 704 Follower Playlist with the cutting edge of new music.

The payment does not guarantee inclusion but does guarantee that we will listen and give feedback.

- James Heather - Curator - Killa Playlists

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Feedback & Possible Site Feature on Keep Walking Music
submission price: $3.00

Keep Walking Music Critique & Possible Site Feature

Keep Walking Music is a Madrid based online music platform that launched in 2015, and has since showcased local and worldwide talent. We are dedicated to discovering and featuring exceptional artists that we feel deserve a platform in the public eye.

The feedback you will receive will be an honest feeling from listening to your music, and should never be taken as a personal criticism. A quick browse through the blog will give you a sense of the editorial.

- Salah EddineBenali / Keep Walking Music

Higher reign crown
Song Critique (Possible Collaboration)
submission price: $15.00

Song Critique (Possible Collaboration)

For this submission, I will fully review the entire song and give you a detailed review of your submission. If I like what I hear I will reach out to you for further information about you and what you are currently doing in your career. I am always looking for unique and hard working songwriters. If you want a chance to be heard, submit today!

- Aaron Husband / Higher Reign Music Group (HRMG)

W music group
Management--Song Critique-Song Placements
submission price: $35.00

Management--Song Critique-Song Placements

My name is Tono Miakoda, I'm a world renowned Artist Manager and Entertainment Consultant with over 20 plus years of experience and connections in the Music Industry. Visit: If you’re a song writer, producer or an artist interested in management, professional song critique or song placements, submit your act or songs for my professional review and consideration. I will provide you with professional feedback on your songwriting, production, and arrangement.

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Offering song critiques for J-pop and K-pop markets
submission price: $30.00

Offering song critiques for J-pop and K-pop markets

In this dropbox, Audity Music is offering the opportunity for expert critique of your song with an eye towards helping you understand what is required to make records that work in the Japan and Korea markets.

Audity has an especially strong niche in Asia, having relationships with top songwriters, producers, record labels, publishers and other key players that are difficult to rival. Our on-the-ground experience in Japan and Korea has given us the opportunity to develop a unique expertise in both markets. Now, we are offering to share our knowledge with you in order to boost your chances of successful pitching and placement in Asia. A lot of writers come to us seeking information about and access to the Asia markets. Here's your chance.

Why YOU should consider Asia?
Japan is the second largest music market in the world, not very far behind the U.S. in terms of annual music revenues. If you ignore Japan, you could be giving up substantial income as a songwriter; indeed you may find that income in Japan exceeds income in your home market if you can create the music sought in the Japanese market and have the right avenues in which to pitch it. Additionally, Korea is a very strong market in Asia that tends to lean a bit more Western in its music soundscape. the K-pop market has been growing increasingly strong in recent years, especially on the international scene as Korean record labels have been excellent as pushing K-Pop outside of Korea and even outside of Asia to Europe, America, South America, etc.

China/Taiwan is another growing force to be reckoned with and strongly considered by songwriters as China's intellectual property protection and licensing regime comes into form. You will find that all the major U.S. labels, Korean labels, Japanese labels, etc are now partnering with Chinese companies to be prepared for when China's regime truly comes online. And, Mandopop is a strong force in China, largely emanating from Taiwan.

If you want Audity Music's expertise on Asia markets for your benefit, submit here! We encourage writers to pursue the diversification of markets for their music and always have an international mindset. Music is the universal language after all!

If we REALLY like your song(s) and think has placement potential with some additional production/editing/co-writing, we may be in touch via direct message to work further with you and offer such services. And, if we think your song(s) is already a good fit for the markets, we may reach out to discuss representation of your music in Asia and beyond. Again, Asia is our particularly unique niche. However, we pitch music around the world. We're not here to just take fees. We want to find great writers and work with them! Our expert critiques will take time significantly more time than simply voting "Selected" or "Not Selected", thus the higher submission fee.

Looking forward to hearing your songs!

- Audity Music, LLC

Video Chat Live w/Grammy Nominated Top Charting Producer/Songwriter
submission price: $75.00

You get a five minute chat with Grammy Nom Producer Willie "Bum Bum" Baker to critique your song and ask few questions. Please leave a message with your email and someone will contact you and set up a date and time. Respectfully, H2 A&R

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Artists Only: Detailed Evaluation & Review
submission price: $25.00

Artists Only: Detailed Evaluation & Review

If your passion is to entertain and edify people with your talent, this is your opportunity to be heard. We are looking for artists with exceptional, recognizable voices and styles to sign to our artist development company. Your ability to write and perform your own songs is a plus but not a necessity.

Please give us a detailed description of your performing experience, artists with whom you identify and who have influenced you, known artist(s) for whom you could open, and the amount of touring you would be able to do based on your relationships and/or job. If you would like us to hear complete songs, submit them, or if you'd rather give us a taste of some different songs, you can submit a show reel medley not longer than five minutes.

We won't mince words, so be prepared to get an extremely detailed and honest evaluation of your talent, including what we think your strengths and weaknesses are and what we believe your chances of making it as an artist would be. A small percentage of artists rise to the top. If you aspire to be in that number, let us hear from you.

- Warren Ells - Owner - The Note Factory Studio

Are you ready to be signed?
submission price: $20.00

Are you ready to be signed?
After years of working with various labels all around the world, We know what labels are looking for ! Send us your best song, plus links to your Website, FB Pages etc and we'll tell you if you are ready to be put in front of labels AND how we can make that happen too !