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Multi-platinum Producer - critiquing tracks in the search for great artists to Produce.
submission price: $4.00

Multi-platinum Producer - critiquing tracks in the search for great artists to Produce.

I'm on the hunt for great artists or artists with untapped potential. I work across the breadth of musical genres (Pendulum, Prodigy, The Royal Ballet, James Germain, Automatic Toys, Adam Ant) and am interested in music with great performances and something to say, over and above the mundane. I am honest in my critiques and you will get valuable feedback that you can use to improve your work.

I will reply as quickly as possible and am friendly and approachable. Please do get in touch.

Brad Kohn
Director - Creative Ninjastries

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Potential for Production Collaboration
submission price: $0.00

Potential for Production Collaboration

Hey all, This a dropbox for submissions if you want to collaborate or make use of my services as a producer or mix engineer.

I have tons of experience working with big artists, and I have always wanted to develop and work with new artists, So... The perfect match, submit your songs, we can talk about your music, see if we are on the same page and take if from there.

I am a Producer and mix engineer who has spent the last 7 years as Chief Engineer for Metropolis Studios as well as setting up my own studio and production company REK7.

- Sam Wheat - Metropolis Studios / REK7

Take your songs to the next level
submission price: $10.00

Take your songs to the next level

With the wide range and A-list level artists / bands under my belt as a producer my job has been simply this.

Take the artists vision and make it a reality whilst making the song commercially viable.

I listen to everything and love helping artists. My tech skills also give me the ability to converse with even the most tech savvy person. From the lyrics, arrangement, instrumentation, vocal arrangement, remixing to the final mix.

Professional critique of your mix and possible mix
submission price: $25.00

Professional critique of your mix and possible mix

Get a detailed critique of your mix by an award winning professional mixing engineer. In return for your submission fee, I will personally listen to your mix and give you a very detailed critique of your mix, along with helpful hints on how you can improve the quality of your mixes. Plus, if you should decide to hire me to either touch up your existing mix, or mix it again from scratch myself, I will deduct your submission fee from your bill. My time is limited and I'm very selective about the projects I take on for full mixing services, but I will listen to and critique all submissions.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are just looking for someone to give you meaningless praise, or nice quotes for promotional purposes, I'm probably not that guy. I'm here to help people who want to improve their recording & mixing skills. I will take the time to listen through your song several times, and give you honest feedback of what I liked and didn't like and what I think you can do to make it sound even better.

I'll also be happy to provide you with my personal opinion about the song itself, but I'm not a songwriter or performing artist, so take that as just one music lover's opinion. My critique will mostly focus on the technical & creative aspects of the recording, mix, and overall production.

- DBAR Productions, LLC

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Wheres the heat? Need Producers! Looking to expand our team
submission price: $10.00

Wheres the heat? Looking to expand our team

The Colleague Music is looking to expand our team. We are seeking good music regardless of genre, however we specialize in Hip-Hop and R&B. If you have great music, please submit it.

We've produced for 2 Chainz,Gucci Mane, Raheem Devaughn, Nipsey Hussle, Plies, Woop, Don Trip,Freddie Gibbs, Starlito, Jose Guapo, MGK, Young Dolph, Cap 1, Caskey and more.

Initial Critique Leading to Full Production
submission price: $15.00

Initial Critique Leading to Full Production

David is looking to help bands and artists that are in need of a real producer with his skills to help them get to the next level. This is an initial critique to get to know the artist and what level they are at. And with David he doesn't just say "like" or "dis-like", his critiques are like being coached by a real pro and are of full value to the artist. David is both a music publisher AND multi instrumentalist producer all in one, giving you insights you cannot get anywhere else. And if things go well for you, this could lead to him actually accepting you for a production deal which can lead to positive results for the artist and their music.

- Little Hipster Music

Want Your Demo to Sound like a Master?
submission price: $90.00

Want Your Demo to Sound like a Master?

Do you want your demo to sound like a master? The music and entertainment industries require broadcast-quality recordings for placement, licensing, and roster consideration. Unprofessional-sounding tracks do not get the attention they may deserve. Let industry pro and Grammy-winner Jeff Bova evaluate how to improve your song, arrangement, and mix to achieve professional broadcast standards.

If Jeff feels he can help you with further production or mixing, he will present you with a proposal, offering reasonable rates for him to produce or mix your song. In this case, you would be able to use Jeff’s name to help give your project more credibility. Your submission fee will be applied toward any production or mixing fees should Jeff and you decide to work together.

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Looking for a Star Hip-Hop Producer
submission price: $100.00

Looking for a Star Hip-Hop Producer

I'm seeking hot hip-hop producers who produce hit sounding tracks that are better than or can compete with the hottest hip-hop tracks out right now. These producers must submit their hottest music to me on this platform only and I will either critique the ones that I'm not considering or the ones I've picked. I'm a Multi-Platinum Songwriter for Chris Brown, Omarion, Usher, Gucci Mane, Jhene Aiko and more. Signed to RCA/OHB

- Bobby Turner - Multi-Platinum Songwriter - RCA/OHB

Deal Type: Label / Management Signing
Decision Maker: I'm are the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Exclusive
Compensation: $5,000+
Song Quality: Fully mastered, Broadcast ready

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Dr. Fix It! Whats wrong with my mix?
submission price: $20.00

Make a Wrong Mix Right!
Mix master S. Young will get your audio track to the next level. Extremely detailed critiques on: 1) Recording 2) Mixing 3) Mastering 4) Audio Effects 5) Spatial relationships/panning 6) Instrumentation 7) Arrangement 8) Composition/Melody 9) Percussion/beat critique from a professional percussionist 10) Vocal mixing Detailed critique from a seasoned professional. Brutally honest, but not a total jerk. :)

W music group
Management--Song Critique-Song Placements
submission price: $35.00

Management--Song Critique-Song Placements

My name is Tono Miakoda, I'm a world renowned Artist Manager and Entertainment Consultant with over 20 plus years of experience and connections in the Music Industry. Visit: If you’re a song writer, producer or an artist interested in management, professional song critique or song placements, submit your act or songs for my professional review and consideration. I will provide you with professional feedback on your songwriting, production, and arrangement.

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Considering Songs & Artists for Music Publishing, Production, Management
submission price: $10.00

Considering Songs & Artists for Music Publishing, Production, Management

We are always considering new Publishing catalog for our Label, Film, and TV pitch opportunities. We would also like to give a helping hand to the people who are aspiring writers by giving detailed critiques and phone meetings to discuss their songs and other catalogs.

Additionally, we are considering artists for representation and Management for our Record Label.

Century Music Group is a boutique Nashville Entertainment Company providing Record Label, Music Publishing, and Artist Management services. CMG Record Label covers a full suite of record label related services for signed and unsigned artists. These services include, but are not limited to artist development, music and video production, distribution, promotion, publicity, and marketing.
CMG Music Publishing focuses on songwriters and music catalog for placement in major and independent label recordings, film and television and other music licensing opportunities.
CMG Artist Management handles career administration, development and representation to major record labels, publishing companies, booking agencies and other industry-related companies.

- Art Ward - President - Century Music Group