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Seeking Nontraditional Christmas Music for "Screw The Holidays Vol 3"
submission price: $1.00
Payout: $1 - $100

Seeking Nontraditional Christmas Music for "Screw The Holidays Vol 2"

Every year, our ears are assaulted by hours of bland generic holiday music and Screw Pop Culture wants to change that. Founded in 2008, Screw Pop Culture is an online radio show that debuts new music on Radio KSCR. They are creating their second-holiday compilation album, Screw the Holidays, that will feature 15 original songs from independent artists.

Radio KSCR is an online station based in Los Angeles dedicated to playing nothing but the best in indie and small label music. Their station has 13 programs and is live on several platforms including Radioloyalty, TuneIn, and iTunes Internet. With a mostly young, single male demographic, the station receives 200+ unique views daily from avid music lovers. If you're the and indie artist and have a unique sound, apply now and we'll be happy to spin your music let it be heard from our loyal listeners.

- Jowanna Lewis - President - Radio KSCR