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Song Inclusion in Audible / iTunes Audio Drama Catalogue
submission price: $7.00
Payout: $251 - $500

Song Inclusion in Audible / iTunes Audio Drama Catalogue

Seeking both instrumental and vocal music to be included in our 2019 catalogue to present to upcoming producers of top audio books and audio dramas that will be featured on Audible and iTunes, and distributed via other retailers across the US.

Selections must be of high-production quality. Especially looking for tracks that sound "cinematic". No rough mixes, please. Selections might also be included in ad spots, trailers, and other heavily-rotated marketing vehicles to promote these various projects.

- Shayne Leighton - Licensing Manager - Parliament House Publishing

Seeking Music for Prison Documentary
submission price: $10.00
Payout: $251 - $500

Seeking Music for Prison Documentary

M.I.A. Entertainment Group has a project that needs your music. We are seeking rap, hip-hop & neo soul music for this project. Know that there's going to be a lot of scenes therefore we will accept all types of music.

This project is currently a documentary but a reality show is in the works for a spin-off; a plan already in the making via a well known network.

Don't get left behind. It's an investment worth shooting for especially when we have about 5-6 producers listening to the music you submit.


Young Female Pop Songs Needed ala Taylor Swift
submission price: $12.00
Payout: $251 - $500

Young Female Pop Songs Needed ala Young Mariah Carey

We are seeking pop songs, ala young Mariah Carey for a 15 yr old female pop star just signed to major label. We are A&R for the album and we need SMASH HITS only. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

We have developed some of the biggest pop stars and wrote and produced Billboard Hot 100 #1 hits. We create pop culture. - Circle City Republic

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Seeking Acoustic Instrumentation / Roots Music for TV & Film
submission price: $8.00
Payout: $251 - $500

Seeking Acoustic Instrumentation / Roots Music for TV & Film

Roots music with cool vibe, groove, & lyrical depth ~ (no beginnings of lines with the same phrase over and over...) Melodies should be memorable. Somebody please crack the mold & shake things up. Pop or folk/rock feel ok. It's very competitive, so nothing but your BEST!!!! PLEASE Include a LYRIC WITH YOUR SUBMISSION!!!! We prefer you be the singer as we're looking for songs we can license to film and TV.

We are only interested in signing songs that are 100% available or songs that have never been previously released either via CD or digitally.

- Robyn Taylor-Drake - Trio Productions, Inc / Songscape Music, LLC

T.V. & Movie Soundtrack Placement Music Box
submission price: $25.00
Payout: $251 - $500

This box is for musicians who are ready for a professional music review, and prepared to take their career to the next level! Note: Portion of proceeds received goes toward CHILL (Creating Hope InLove Life) Safe Zone initiative.