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New Music Lives - Get Signed To Brand New Style Of Label
submission price: $5.00

New Music Lives - Get Signed To Brand New Style Of Label

We are seeking artists and bands to be signed to our unique new form of label that creates an strong collaborative enviroment for our roster, provides all the label resources without any of the downsides.

We are especially interested in Singer-Songwriter, Alt Rock and Country but please if you think your a band or artist we have to hear please submit no matter them genre as we'll listen and get back to you.

We have a unique way of working with artist and bands and please know this you will alsoways be in complete control of your own music business.

- Paul K Saunders / New Music Lives

Deal Type: Exposure Opportunity
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: Negotiable
Song Quality: Fully mastered

Rekids Seeking Electronic Dance Music
submission price: $5.00

Rekids Seeking Electronic Dance Music

Rekids Record Label is looking for electronic dance music of quality and originality. We are looking for upcoming artist to release on our label, so please submit your best original work for consideration.

Rekids has quickly become one of the most respected underground labels around - releasing cutting-edge, electronic music that is effective off the dance-floor as well as on it. Some of the key artists represented by the label include Nina Kraviz, Mr. G, Luke Solomon, Spencer Parker, Toby Tobias, James Teej and of course Radio Slave himself.

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Hip Hop Monument Opportunities
submission price: $2.50

Hip Hop Monument Opportunities

Looking for artists to work with on projects and promotion. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Hip Hop Monument is a hip hop music source based out of Toronto! Posting the hottest hip hop news, music and videos daily!

Robert O'Brien is a web creator and manager from Toronto, running and the growing label Monument Records with the goal to oversee new music and potentially find some new clients!

- Robert O'Brien - CEO - Hip Hop Monument