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Tim jones
Reviewing Folk and Traditional Folk Groups
submission price: $5.00
Payout: $1 - $100

Reviewing Folk and Traditional Folk Groups

Reviewing folk and traditional folk / sea shanty male voice choirs for festivals and music distribution in the UK and Ireland. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

At Rise and Shine Music we work on an investment and commission basis with our Artists, this can be on a flexible exclusive or non exclusive contract basis. At all times The Artists retains the rights to their creative works and benefits from our expertise in furthering their chosen career.

- Tim Jones - Principal - Rise and Shine Music Limited

Deal Type: Label Signing
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Negotiable
Compensation: Negotiable
Song Quality: Rough Mixes, Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: Mumford & Sons, The Pogues, Bob Dylan