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new $5,000 to $7,500 per placement on numerous streaming platforms
submission price: $15.00
Payout: $5,001 - $10,000

$5,000 to $7,500 per placement on numerous streaming platforms

Following our biggest year ever, which has seen One Night Stand Music deliver more placements and 6 figure deals most recently for bands like BrokenRail, ONS are incredibly excited to offer a number of ongoing placements with some of the biggest streaming platforms for a 2 year period.

The opp is simple but huge…

We have numerous projects (movies and series) looking for music and if selected (by us), your music will be pitched to any or all that fit. Average payments will be $5,000 to $7,500 per full / partial use and for the 2 year period this opp covers, that means numerous potential placements and huge pay-outs.

We are happy to consider Rock, Indie, Pop, Hip Hop / Rap, Christian, Blues, Jazz, Easy listening, Romantic Ballads, Metal, New Age / World, R&B, Country, Industrial, EDM, Beats, Funk, Classical and Soundtrack. As always with us, what we want is quality, quality, quality.

Remember one submission can potentially land you multiple placements at $5,000 to $7,500 per full / partial use.

So, if you want to receive $5,000 to $7,500 for each track selected then all you need to do is SUBMIT TODAY!

Please note:
Yes we welcome originals and covers.
Yes this is non-exclusive so you are giving up NO rights.
Yes we are taking instrumental and tracks with vocals as well as cues, beats and partials.
Yes we welcome multiple submissions from the same artists / band / writer.
Yes you can resubmit a track or tracks if we have previously said yes or no to them. Every track will be listened to with fresh ears.

This opp is huge and the more quality music we are pitching on your behalf, the better your chances. I really would suggest submitting as much music as you can on this one – this really is a potential life changer!

Last date for submissions is the 5th of February 2020.

- Stuart Cheese / One Night Stand

new The next Country Pop superstar needs you!
submission price: $30.00
Payout: $5,001 - $10,000

The next Country Pop superstar needs you!

Undisclosed female country pop star is currently looking for follow up material to her recent releases. This artist has millions of followers across various platforms and her records have achieved tens of millions of streams. Please note the content should be suitable for country radio so no swearing or explicit sexual references. This is country so we are willing to consider work tapes or demos just as much as fully produced out submissions as long as the quality is in the song we have no qualms about the quality of the submitted recording.

- Chris Woods - Owner Manager - Alignment Management

new International R&B/Soul Singer
submission price: $30.00
Payout: $5,001 - $10,000

International R&B/Soul Singer

The voice of a generation - international vocal powerhouse looking for massive singles or songwriters/producers talented enough to collaborate with. He/She writes their own music but is open to outside songs if it is strong enough. The artist is undisclosed but has charted in Europe, streamed in the millions and has some big opportunities this year. Please keep content PG-13 - not Disney or hokey but definitely not explicit, cussing is not out of the question but would have to be contextually appropriate and rare.

- Chris Woods - Owner Manager - Alignment Management

Searching for Music Producers/Composers for Catalog Inclusion & Placement Opportunities.
submission price: $5.00
Payout: $5,001 - $10,000

Searching for Music Producers/Composers for Catalog Inclusion & Placement Opportunities.

Blown Away Records, LLC. is in search of music producers/composers catalog inclusion major placement opportunities. Blown Away Records, LLC. is a full service, creative entertainment powerhouse specializing in music licensing, production, and branding. Our seasoned professional producers, songwriters, creative directors and musicians have over a combined 40 years of experience and success with Grammy nominations and award-winning placements. Other services we offer include sound packs, branding, graphic design, website development, and marketing.

- Kyle 'Rev' Miller - Owner - Blown Away Records, LLC.