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Seeking Music for The Mad Music Asylum Radio Program
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Seeking Music for The Mad Music Asylum Radio Program

The Mad Music Asylum is looking for indie artist for a feature on our weekly program. In addition, indie tunes are added to our general rotation and featured randomly throughout the day, on Tuesday and Thursday nights and on our podcast. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

The Mad Music Asylum is a 4 hour weekly streaming radio program and now a 24 hour streaming radio station featuring music that is too good to be ignored and tunes that were largely forgotten by commercial radio. The Asylum features a new show every Sunday evening at 8 pm eastern time and consistently plays a diverse mix of music from the 1960’s through today and is aimed at the late baby boom generation and beyond. We have also started an indie music podcast with new episodes published weekly.

- Rob Penland / Mad Music Productions

Deal Type: Radio Airplay
Where is this radio station heard?: Online
Radio Format: Freeform Radio
Similar Sounding Artists: indie rock, indie pop, blues, Americana, singer songwriter