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Warren Peace Writes - Professional Reviews
submission price: $5.00

Warren Peace Writes - Professional Reviews

Full, detailed critique of your song from a professional with an unbiased opinion and an in-depth review that includes listing the pros and cons of your track.

In April of 2015, Warren Peace began The Write Reviews, a website dedicated to underground and independent music. By breaking down entire albums track for track and summarizing entire albums in every review, The Write Reviews provides the most in-depth and unbiased reviews found on the internet. Named a Top 100 Hip Hop Website and a Top 100 Music Blog by Feedspot, The Write Reviews has solidified its place among the best music websites found online with just over two years in operation. The Write Reviews also includes interviews, articles on artists, yearly awards, single reviews, and much more! You can find out all about The Write Reviews at

- Warren Peace - Owner/Content Writer - The Write Reviews

100 Words of Feedback for a Dollar
submission price: $1.00

100 Words of Feedback for a Dollar

We are Team Streak. A group of dedicated producers, DJ's, A&R's & Sound Designers. We are affiliated to Streak Recordings (IN). We are here to provide you some constructive feedback for your tracks. We have been in Indian Music industry for a decade now and also pretty much in Indian electronic music scene. From Sunburn Festival to Awakenings, we have curated and handpicked artists which you hear daily now on mainstream media.
For just $1, we will provide you a 100 Word Feedback from a top industry professional signed either to labels like Sativ Records, Revealed Recordings, Metanoia Music, Musical Freedom & Heldeep Recordings.

- Nitesh Rao - Label Owner - Streak Recordings

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30-minunute Consultation
submission price: $5.00

Music Critique & Brand Analysis

Industry professional w/ over a decade of experience in music ranging from live events to recording to producing to label services to management services. Currently the Executive Assistant at Premier League Music.

- Dennis Aguilar Management