Looking for new and fresh artists for Shunu Records

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Matteo Coppola Neri
General Manager - Shunu Records

I've been a live and studio producer for almost 10 years, and working in the music business since 2003 with labels and music marketing.

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Looking for new and fresh artists for Shunu Records
Shunu Records, a young recording label born in Gothenburg, Sweden and distributed by Season of Mist in Europe and Believe on the digital platforms, is looking for new, fresh and interesting artists, even on a growth-wise basis for the European market.
We like to think of ourselves as "old-fashioned" talent scouts, that want to spend time listening to new music rather than leaving that decision to YouTube's hits!

We're specialized in rock music, in particular:
- Modern metal
- Post-metal
- Post-rock
- Alternative Rock
- Indie rock

We're also fond of:
- songwriters
- pop
- electronic music
- Gothic Metal
- Melodic Death Metal

We're NOT interested in:
- hip-hop
- R&B
- noise
- punk
- extreme metal (like old school black metal, old school death, grindcore, etc. We like them, but we just can't work with 'em!)
- metalcore

If we like what we hear, we're absolutely positive on offering a proposal/contract to the band/artist!

PLEASE NOTE: we're currently working exclusively with Europe-based artists, since we're not yet distributed overseas. You can still submit us your music if you wish, but we can't guarantee we'd be able to work together with you.
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