Get Your EP/Album Reviewed by Music & Mayhem Magazine

Taylor van arsdale
Taylor Van Arsdale
Music Publicist - Tailfish Publik Relations

Tailfish PR deals with music industry talent, bands, and music gear and products. We liaise between labels and/or musicians and the media to get album reviews, profiles of bands in online and print magazines, reviews of live shows and so on. Our focus is

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Get Your EP/Album Reviewed by Music & Mayhem Magazine
Getting a legit review of your CD can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. For $35 our editorial staff will listen to your music and provide an honest critique of your work AND we will post that critique online in The Up Side: We will print our review along with your band/artist photo or CD artwork in the online music magazine, and email you the appropriate link once it’s ready. When you receive the link to your new press clipping, you should feel free to add it to your EPK, website, to use the press to grow your name and brand, and to acquire additional reviews in other publications. The Down Side: We will not guarantee a favorable review. If we think your music stinks, we will say so. We will still mail you the link but you may wish to refrain from using the link in your media kits. That call is yours; but the review will post to the magazine regardless. How It Works: We will review a single, an EP or up to 6 songs for the same price. Send us your best work and a link to your photos and website. As soon as we are finished reviewing we will contact you. Please put your contact information (phone and email) in the Musicxray fields. ONE THING TO REMEMBER—we specialize in Indie Rock and POP. We DO NOT review Heavy Metal or Rap or Hip Hop. Sorry it’s not our forte.
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