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Steve Stewart
CEO - Steve Stewart Entertainment

• 20 years of professional experience in the music & new media industries • Personally managed Stone Temple Pilots through 5 records (25 million sold) • Closed record and publishing deals with Warner Bros., Sony, Universal, etc.

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Management/Career Coaching Conversation
I provide advice and direction to hard-working artists seeking to take the next step in their careers. Many artists have spent years writing and recording their songs, but have spent comparatively little time understanding how to make money from their work. You need knowledge and information to make the right choices and avoid the mistakes that many artists make. With my background in the music industry and with new technologies, I can provide you with experienced insights and detailed responses to questions such as: Do you really need a "label" deal? How do you structure a deal with an investor? Are you ready for a manager or attorney? What are the things to look for in a good manager? What are some of the deal points in agreements that you should be aware of? How do you avoid getting stuck in a bad deal? How do you get a booking agent? Do you need a publishing deal? How do I get my songs licensed in TV shows, movies and commercials? You can spend hundred of hours reading books and blogs about the music industry, or you can have a direct communication with someone with more than 20 years of experience signing artists to major and independent record and publishing deals, with advice tailored to your exact needs. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

- Steve Stewart Entertainment

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