Rock Station Rotation

Zero dark thirty
Mark Lamdanski

Mainstream rock station with inserts of outstanding music by independent, emerging musicians.

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Rock Station Rotation
Zero Dark Thirty Rock Radio is a mainstream rock station targeting active and retired military and veterans. We include rock from independent artists 2 to 3 times per hour. We do not advertise the music as indie, independent, up-and-coming or anything similar. We treat the music as if it was a mainstream song.

This is your opportunity to have your music added to our playlist. NOTE: We are seeking hard rock songs.

Zero Dark Thirty Rock Radio streams through the Live 365 platform, guaranteeing that all royalties are paid.

Please take note:
1. Not all music is accepted. You will be notified if your song is added.
2. You MUST include all ID3 tags in your MP3 file. We will not contact you to complete missing information. Missing information will result in your song not being included.
3. We cannot guarantee how often or how many times your song will be played on air.

- Mark Lamdanski - Owner
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