Looking for songs in the Style of Kaleo, Hozier, etc!

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Eddie Caldwell CEO - Music Of The Sea Inc.

Eddie Caldwell is the CEO and founder of Music Of The Sea Inc, a High End Boutique Music Catalog That places music in Oscar Winning Films And Emmy Winning TV Shows. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Shape Of Water, Better Call Saul, Madea, Etc

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Looking for songs in the Style of Kaleo, Hozier, etc!
Looking for songs in the Style of Kaleo, Hozier, etc! For networks and film companies such as Sony Pictures, FOX, CBS, NBC Universal, ABC, Lions Gate, Paramount, Warner Bros, etc.

We have a "Huge" track record of placing music with these entities! We have music in "King Of Staten Island", "Once Upon In Hollywood", "Shape Of Water" and 1000's of more Major Films and TV Shows!! Join the Music Of The Sea Revolution! Look Up Our Credits in the ending credits of these films~! IMDB!

If you sign with Music Of The Sea your music will be part of NBC/UNI, CBS Television, Vice, Omnicom system networks upon signing with us. We have deals with these Major Networks. You have a chance to also score shows with us! We have done a ton of custom work! Because of the "High Profile Major Artists" in our catalog such as Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan, Bill Withers, Chic, Ojays, Sunshine Anderson, Dionne Farris, Kool and The Gang, etc, they are looking to use the "Music Of The Sea" brand and artist! We have the attention of many major networks and they want to use the artist and composers from our catalog! Have your song/tracks along ride along side the major artist in our catalog and grow your brand!!!

"High Quality" tracks only, no exceptions! No Demos and unmastered tracks, no uncleared samples. You must have clean versions available, and you must own master and publishing rights! Huge opportunity! If you have music in our catalog, your music is automatically being considered.

- Eddie Sea / Music Of The Sea
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