EDA Music Radio seeking independent and upcoming artists

Host - EDA Music Radio

EDA Music Radio is a brand new radio station promoting independent artists from around the world. The station also includes music from well known artists. My role is to listen and enjoy music and to ensure that your songs are heard where many others ten

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EDA Music Radio seeking independent and upcoming artists
Promoting independents artists from around the world, how would you like your music to be included on a rota for people to hear?

This is a brand new station and I would like to build up a collection of independent artists who sometime never get the chance to be on radio.

I will listen to your music and give you a critique of your song and if suitable will include your song on rotation on the station. Your song must be of high quality and if it contains explicit language please let me know and it can be considered for the After Dark segments that I plan to introduce on the station.

The radio station is on online and is available to listen to 24/7 and anyone in the world can listen to your music. - http://eda-music-radio.playtheradio.com/

The station will also include podcasts of interviews with the artists which will be completed through Skype and you can discuss your songs, what were your thought processes when you wrote a particular track.

Each song that you submit to the station will be given a critical review and I can give you suggestions if any required.
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