What have I done here ? How will it be received ?

Jaymz OTL
Gyrator - Cellartapes

At Cellartapes, we are all about raising the profile of experimental and unusual forms of music. you can find the acts and sounds we currently represent at www.reverbnation.com/label/cellartapes or at www.cellartapes.com

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What have I done here ? How will it be received ?
Okay, we know you've worked hard on your sound, but what are you making ? Is what you make going to get peoples heads spinning ? Is your sound original enough to stand apart from the mainstream of music and to proudly state "I AM DIFFERENT" ? Have you worked so hard on making it different that it's inaccessible even to the niche you hope to reach ? How is the mixing ? How is the mastering ? Do we have the soul ? All these and many other questions can be discussed right here.

- Cellartapes

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