Need Music, All Genres for TV, Films, Games and Advertisements

Joshua Reid
Co-Owner - Venue Records ®

I pitch artist's music to be placed in TV, Film, Games, and Advertisements.

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Need Music, All Genres for TV, Films, Games and Advertisements
We are looking for amazing music. If your music is great, We are confident we can find a placement for it somewhere. We have over 100+ clients. Nobody works harder than us. We are pitching our artists music everyday. We don't take days off. Here at Venue Records the artist comes first. Let us do the hard work for you so you can focus on creating more music. Join the winning team today!!

Artists must own all rights to their music 100% and there must be no copyright infringement. All submissions will be listened to and reviewed.  

Music must be well produced, mixed and mastered. No uncleared samples. Music will be licensed on a non-exclusive basis. You keep all rights to your music, our agreement is 50-50 on sync fees we obtain for you and you keep 100% of all publishing rights.  

We will also pitch your music for TV, Film, Games, and Advertisements like FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, Sony, Pepsi, McDonalds, MTV, VH1, Google, Lionsgate, Activision, 2k Sports, Nike, Apple, and more.  

- Joshua Reid / Co-Owner - Venue Records ®
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