Music needed for 15th LA Sync Mission in Hollywood

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Giles Gale
Music supervisor, sync & Licensing Manager - Resonant Music Licensing

Full-service music licensing company supplying music for TV, film, advertising, gaming and business use

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Music needed for 15th LA Sync Mission in Hollywood
Currently seeking music for major US TV, film, advertising, and games (see music brief below).

On behalf of Resonant Music Licensing, I will be participating in the 15th LA Sync Licensing Mission hosted jointly by the BPI, the Music Publishers Association (MPA) and Department for International Trade (DIT).

Held at the iconic Capitol Tower in the heart of Hollywood, the annual LA Sync Mission will enable me to meet with many of the key players and decision makers from the world of sync working across the TV, film, advertising and games markets in the media capital of the US, the world’s largest entertainment market.

Last year, over 40 selected companies and individuals descended upon Hollywood to meet with executives responsible for placing music in films including Whiplash, Kong:Skull Island, Moonlight and Dunkirk, TV shows including NCIS, The Good Wife, Stranger Things, and American Gothic, and video games including Assassins Creed, Forza Horizon 2 and Rainbow 6. Recent successful sync placements off the back of these sessions include tracks for the multiple award-winning The Shape of Water and for the #1 box office Halloween smash Boo 2: A Madea Halloween and Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina amongst others.

I will be posting specific briefs when I arrive back, and I'm looking to source new music to pitch to executives at the event. All genres welcomed and to give you an idea of the type of music, or if you have any of the following please get in touch;

Rocky, fast paced, epic, edgy and emotive. Epic sounds - could be orchestral
Lyric driven content
Electronic music
Trailer music
Dark covers. Slow, dark, lots of beats
Old Skool Funk & R&B
Old Skool Covers
Electronica / Down tempo; Lots of rises/falls/changes

Selected tracks will be metadata, added to relevant playlists and pitched to executives. Artists must own all rights to their music 100% and there must be no copyright infringement. All music will be listened to, reviewed and feedback given.

Music must be very well produced, mixed and mastered. If you can supply instrumental versions of vocal tracks that will increase your chances of getting placements. Music will be licensed on a non-exclusive basis (so you maintain all rights to your music), we simply go 50-50 on deals we get for you and you keep 100% of all publishing rights. :D

Look forward to working with you and good luck!

All the best,
- Giles Gale - Music supervisor, sync & Licensing Manager - Resonant Music Licensing Ps, Due to the number of submissions either myself or my colleague Liam at Resonant will respond to the submissions, thank you.
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