Professional Song Critique: Emmy Sound - The SoundBeat

Emmy Sound
Director - Sound Beat

The SoundBeat Music and video industry pioneers since 1997 with a global distribution platform, comprehensive digital strategies and sophisticated technology solutions. The SoundBeat is a pioneering music and film distribution company operating in

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Professional Song Critique: Emmy Sound - The SoundBeat
I looking forward to hearing your original tunes and to finding the diamonds in the rough! Please submit your song(s) for a critique.

I am looking to both critique artists as well as find new talent. If your music is great I will present it to The SoundBeat for possible distribution. We are always looking for new good talent. Since we are a subsidiary of Sony Music there are endless opportunities for me to present an artist that has real talent.

I believe in developing relationships and making connections. When I work with you I begin by finding out about you, what you like, and where you've been. I learn who your favorite artists are, who inspires you, what entertains you or brings you joy. Always authentic I speak to you on a human level and share freely about lessons and tips I've learned along the way. I've been at The SoundBeat corp for the past 8 years. Before that I worked at Polygram Classics & Jazz, as well as Rolling Stone Magazine. I feel lucky every day that I can work with what I love - music & people - and I don't have to wear a suit!

- Emmy Sound / The Sound Beat (Sound Beat Music Entertainment)
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