Mood Music

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Producer Robin Blesch
CEO / Producer - WPMG ENT Ltd, WPMG Music & WPFG Studios

Robin Blesch is a film and music producer from Austin, TX, now residing in Belize, Central America. She is the CEO of WPMG ENT Ltd in Belize and Owner of WPMG Music & WPFG Studios in Texas. For more info hit google.

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Mood Music
I'm seeking mood music. Think Enigma style music. I'm seeking soft and also uptempo. It can have nature sounds or not. It can have vocals or not. Vocals shouldn't be overpowering but add to the feel.

I will be seeking a few of these moody vibe tracks for the soundtrack of a documentary I'm working on.

The first round of selections, I'll select what sounds good. Then in editing, I'll try to fit the tracks to parts in the film. Realistically 2-4 mood Music type tracks will probably make the final cut to be placed in the film and on the soundtrack.

However, I'm a fan of this type of music, so I'd like to compile the best that don't make the soundtrack into another compilation project.

- Producer Robin Blesch / WPMG ENT Ltd, WPMG Music & WPFG Studios
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