Clean Rap Music Critique

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Producer Robin Blesch
CEO / Producer - WPMG ENT Ltd, WPMG Music & WPFG Studios

Robin Blesch is a film and music producer from Austin, TX, now residing in Belize, Central America. She is the CEO of WPMG ENT Ltd in Belize and Owner of WPMG Music & WPFG Studios in Texas. For more info hit google.

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Clean Rap Music Critique
If you have clean rap music that you want looked at, I will give you my honest opinion about the music the vibe the feel. I'll look at your lyrics and delivery etc. The rap industry is full of competition, so having something strong is key.

It makes it easier if you submit your lyrics typed as well so I can read them over too. Not required, but preferred.

Take care

- Producer Robin Blesch / WPMG ENT Ltd, WPMG Music & WPFG Studios
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