Song Critiques by Holly Steele

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Holly Steele
Music A&R - Publisher - Placement - Award Winning Lyricist & Songwriter - Burning Steele Publishing

Music A&R and Publisher screening songs, artists & songwriters for projects for TV, Film, Radio, publishing, marketing, licensing & placement. Also offering song critiques & consideration for many collaboration opportunities

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Song Critiques by Holly Steele
All songs will be reviewed confidentially and will receive a personal, detailed critique based on Emotional Impact including Lyrics - Impact of words, phrasing & clarity of content - Title Review - Ability to attract listener pertinence to the song; - Technical Evaluation including Structure - Composition, Elements & Arrangement; - Writing Mechanics - Grammar quality & Rhyme structure and last but not least Marketability! Holly will also be screening song writers submissions for upcoming collaboration projects. You will be notified after your review if Holly feels your voice, music and writing talent is a match for opportunities for TV, Film, Album Placement, Licensing and Publishing. All music genres accepted including Lyric Only critiques.

- Holly Steele

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