Documentary Soundtrack Submission

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Producer Robin Blesch
CEO / Producer - WPMG ENT Ltd, WPMG Music & WPFG Studios

Robin Blesch is a film and music producer from Austin, TX, now residing in Belize, Central America. She is the CEO of WPMG ENT Ltd in Belize and Owner of WPMG Music & WPFG Studios in Texas. For more info hit google.

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Documentary Soundtrack Submission
I am coming to the end of shooting a documentary in Belize on the topic of subsistence farming and agriculture but it's also about sustainable living and treading lighter on the planet.

I'm looking for a variety of sounds for this film.

Soothing soft stuff that screams the peacefulness of nature.
Upbeat stuff that good montages can be cut to.
Songs with no words and songs with words.

I'd like to hear positive stuff but if you got some heavy state of the world stuff that may also fit as well

- Producer Robin Blesch / WPMG ENT Ltd, WPMG Music & WPFG Studios
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