Seeking Great Songs For Licensing Pop and Rock

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Stephen Wrench
President - Musik and Film

Stephen has worked with many greats over the years in all genres including to name a few Loverboy, Survivor, Toto, Daryl Worley, John Anderson, Bad Company, Tamika, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Missing Persons, Tommy Tutone, Duran Duran, Rick Springfiel

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Seeking Great Songs For Licensing Pop and Rock
We are a long established company with contacts around the world with music supervisors for Film and TV. We receive daily requests for great music with specific needs and phrases. Our agreements are Non- Exclusive and 50/50. Send us your best.

Deal Type: Sync Placement
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: Negotiable
Song Quality: Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: Pop and Rock current potential hits
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