Detailed Lyric Critique from Kris Bergsnes

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Kris Bergsnes
Owner - Two Wheel Artist

30 Years in Nashville, Tennessee. songwriter, publisher and teacher.

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Detailed Lyric Critique from Kris Bergsnes
I will give a detailed critique of your lyric. Why the story may or may not be working.

Over, 60 plus songs recorded by major label artist and over 12 million albums. Artists include, Tim Mcgraw, Wynonna Judd, Clay Walker, Chris LeDoux, Arron Watson/Willie Nelson, Patty Page/Vince Gill, Tyler Farr, Justin Moore and many others.

I introduced the Jane Dear girls to each other and helped Scotty Emerick, Brett Eldredge, and others get their first publishing deal. I've written many songs with producers in New York, LA, Miami and Nashville. I'm currently managing two artist/writers as well as writing and pitching and looking for other artists and writers to help to the next level.

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- Kris Bergsnes / Two Wheel Artist
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