Production company seeking Pop, Rock, Country and Alternative Artists for Recording Deal

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Brian Leshon
Producer Engineer - Apex Media Group

Brian Leshon has over thirty years experience in multi-media production. Leshon has worked as the Chief Recording Engineer at the historic Cherokee Studios and Chateau Recorders and was on the staff of A&M Records studios. Brian also worked as an ind

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Production company seeking Pop, Rock, Country and Alternative Artists for Recording Deal
Are you serious about moving your music career forward? Are you looking for a producer, engineer and recording studio? If so, then consider the following opportunity.

Is your next project going to be a master suitable for major distribution and placement, or just another glorified demo? The choice you make determines whether you have a real career in music, or not. A&R executives, music supervisors and editors only listen to the first thirty seconds of any submission, at best, and they are looking for music they can use immediately, in its current form. So, what you submit has to be ready for use, and the intro has to be awesome, grabbing the attention of a potential buyer from the start. If your submission isn’t ready to be used or doesn’t have an immediate impact, you won’t get a callback. Let’s make your songs right for the market.

Gold-record award-winning Producer/Engineer Brian Leshon seeks rock, pop, country, jazz and alternative artists to consider for production deals. Leshon has worked with artists including Kansas, Devo, Missing Persons, Jeff Beck, Stanley Clarke, Supertramp, among many others. (See complete bio at This offer provides artists with consideration for a recording deal with a top-notch Producer/Engineer.

If selected for a recording deal - no guarantee - you will receive a proposal for your project and a draft production agreement. There may be production fees associated with the project, however, the rates are reasonable and any serious artist should be able to afford them. If you proceed, together we will produce high-quality masters of your songs with a real shot at getting your act signed, or songs placed. Once the project is finished I will shop your project to A&R executives at the appropriate labels for your genre and to music supervisors and editors as well.

You can submit up to three of your best songs by attaching the additional files along with your submission and please send complete lyrics.

Please do not contact me or make submissions through the website or you will be removed from consideration.

- Brian Leshon / Apex Media Group

Deal Type: Recording Deal
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: Negotiable
Song Quality: Rough Mixes, Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: Luke Bryan, Ed Sheeran, The Paramours, Lady Antebellum, Imagine Dragons, Cold Play

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