Seeking Electronic music for release on Filter Label

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Emil Hadji Panzov Founder / CEO - Filter Label

Filter was founded in the beginning of 2007 as a result of the revolt to the current state of the music industry. We think that music should not be pigeonholed and genre categories should not exist. There are only two types of music: good and bad

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Seeking Electronic music for release on Filter Label
We have a large catalog spanning across almost every genre, but we are mostly recognised by our electronic music output. Our recent electronic music releases were very successful, reaching hundreds of thousands, and in some cases millions of streams and downloads. Therefor we would like to expand our catalog with new groundbreaking electronic music and continue the successful story by launching fresh names on the scene.

We have a unique business model and an artist-friendly agreement. The music released on Filter Label is instantly included in our catalog for licensing placements which is sent out to top music supervisors and agents.

We have hundreds of songs placed in TV series (THE OA, CSI: LAS VEGAS, NIKITA, TOP BOY), ad campaigns (NIKE, PHILIP MORRIS), films (Loneliness, Sex and Compassion, The Matrix Revisited, Cherie) and on network television (CNN, MTV, CHANNEL 5, NBA, UFC), etc.

- Emil Hadji Panzov - Founder / CEO - Filter Label

Deal Type: Collaboration/Song Placement
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Label Signing / Sync Placements
Compensation: Negotiable
Song Quality: Broadcast ready
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