Seeking Songs for NBA Playoffs Rotation

Dondi Dixon
Owner - R.T.T.M. Music Group

Scouting new writers everyday. Music Publisher looking for artist to represent.

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Seeking Songs for NBA Playoffs Rotation
Rock, Urban Beats, Hip-Hop, Pop, EDM, and Instrumentals are being licensed right now by NBA broadcasters. Tracks must be well-produced and ready for inclusion in television programming. Sync fees may or may not be offered to the artist, all sync offers are decided by the network. You will earn royalties from your PRO. Placements will air on national TV and re-air in international territories also. Songs that air will be exposed to millions of viewers, let it be yours!

- Dondi Dixon / R.T.T.M. Music Group

Deal Type: Sync Placement
Decision Maker: Selected tracks will be pitched for final decision
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: Negotiable
Song Quality: Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
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