We are signing Hip Hop artist!

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Charlie Mac CEO/Music Supervisor/A&R - MAC A MILLION DOLLAR MAN MUSICK

Charlie Mac is a publisher, music supervisor, & highly sought after A&R executive. Representing all genres, with success placing music involving major brands like, MTV, EPIC, VH1, GUNIT, NBC, CMT, RCA, WB, CBS, NBA, DEF JAM, ABC, GOOGLE, LIONSGATE, NIKE,

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We are signing Hip Hop artist!
Looking For: Hip Hop, Rap, complete songs with vocals, and instrumentals
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: Yes
Instrumentals Accepted: Yes (no uncleared samples)
Compensation: Licensing fees, Royalties, Publishing deals

If you think you are the next up and coming hip hop artist, and your music is as good as Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay Z, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, or Iggy Azalea we want to hear from you. Please only send professional recordings, no covers, no demos, or rough mixes. The songs must be all original, and 100% broadcast ready!

We've had hundreds of Hip Hop songs placed on VH1 and MTV, on shows that have millions of viewers per episode. Hundreds of our Hip Hop songs have licensed by Microsoft Corporation, MySpace Music, LLC., Time, Google, Amazon, Omnifone, and many others. We have placed Hip Hop music with SUBWAY® Restaurants, video game companies, advertising agencies, etc. Our music is in digital signage systems worldwide, allowing our artist to be heard by millions of people who visit major retail chains, and restaurants all over the world. We have various Hip Hop albums streaming on Youtube, Music Key, iTunes Radio, Deezer, Napster, Spotify and many more worldwide. We've had hundreds of Hip Hop music ringtone placements, in the US, UK, all over Europe, Indonesia, parts of the Middle East, Africa, Japan, and China, with companies like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Cricket, and Boost Mobile. We have relationships with many different record labels, and have helped many hip hop artist sign deals, some of which were found here.

We guarantee feedback on all submissions! In most cases, four songs need to be submitted and selected specifically for this opportunity before we can offer a publishing/licensing deal. We are always looking for hot new talent, artists, producers, and bands that want to put their music out through various means of music licensing, major placements, and digital distribution. We are signing artist now, and you could be next!

If selected, you may be asked to submit up to three more songs for further evaluation


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