Music Critique and Analysis from Keonda Gaspard / The Aver Agency

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Keonda Gaspard
Chief Music Officer - The Aver Agency

Keonda 'Professor KG' is a music veteran with a background in entertainment legal and business affairs. The University Of Chicago Alum has worked with many of today's top Los Angeles artist. She owns The Producer Suite, a music education series.

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Music Critique and Analysis from Keonda Gaspard / The Aver Agency
Music Critique And Analysis from Music Industry Professional - Keonda “Professor KG” Gaspard/CEO The Producer Suite - The Aver Agency

Have our team of A & R executives and producers critique and review your track(s).

Collectively we have over 15 years of experience and have worked on various music administration, music education, branding projects, Wikipedia page creation and music supervision. We have a comprehensive understanding of the business of the music industry.

Submit your best song(s) for review and let us know in the submission message what you're looking to do with the particular song and your career. A song critique will provide you with career-building feedback and professional evaluation of your work, including input on songwriting, performance, production, and commercial viability.

We look forward to hearing what the Music Xray community has and helping artists with their careers.

-Keonda "Professor KG" Gaspard / The Aver Agency
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