Seeking Pop & R&B Writers to Sign

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Darryl Williams
Owner - St. Marx Ent.

Former Senior Vice President of A&R for Atlantic and Elektra Records. Discovered Brandy, Ray J, Amerie, worked with Beyonce, Destiny's Child J. Lo

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Seeking Pop & R&B Writers to Sign
Darryl Williams, former Vice President of A&R for Atlantic and Elektra Records is looking for the next Pop and R&B writing sensation to sign to a boutique record label. Submitting artists should have taken the time and developed their sound and have a good sense of who they are. I'm not looking for Chris Brown knock-offs. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Darryl Williams discovered and was the executive producer of Brandy, Ray J and Amerie. He has also had gold and platinum albums with Beyonce, Destiny's Child, Jennifer Lopez, Silk and Kut Klose among others.

Our latest scheduled release is with Atlanta based Pop & R&B signer Scotty Cram.

- Darryl Williams / St. Marx Ent.
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