CBMSD Inc Seeking Music for Placement in TV Commercials

Chris Bell
Exec Producer - CBMSD Inc

Chris Bell has been creating hit music for TV since 1987. Today over 15 million people hear his music every day.

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CBMSD Inc Seeking Music for Placement in TV Commercials
Having served as a TV Commercial Composer for over 25 years, and current composer for Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, Chris Bell has a solid base of established relationships with many Advertising, Creative VP's and TV Producers.

We have recently placed original music on multiple spots for Toyota, Dominos, McDonalds, Hyundai, Oberto, WalMart, Apple,Cisco Systems. Our music selections are regularly sent directly to the Ad Agency Creative VP's, Broadcast Producers and Editors in over 100 top Ad agencies as well as Fox Network, Outdoor Network and over 50 high end freelance TV Commercial Editors.

If you have unique, decently produced, NON VOCAL ONLY...Again NON VOCAL ONLY tracks...We want to hear them. If we like your style, we will send you Chris Bell's personal email address so you can submit as much material as you have available. Pay outs for placements range from $100 to $5,000+.

We are not here to make money from your submission fees, but we do need them to be quality productions. There is an online mastering service called "LANDR" we HIGHLY recommend. www.landr.com Once we see you are a talented composer we deal directly with you. We are looking for odd, interesting, fun, classy, authentic styles and fun tracks. Ending on a positive is great. A build is required. Please NO songs that just have the vocals removed. NO TRACKS OVER 2:30 Please. AGAIN: NO TRACKS OVER 2:30. Unfortunately there is NOT a big market for long repetitive tracks so please do not submit. There IS a big market for all genres that are hip, authentic styles on real instruments, edgy, positive, uplifting, outa the box, quirky, dumb (or dumber) fun and funny music under 2:30. Real instruments are a definite plus! Please follow ALL points in this brief or your submission may not make it to the decision desk.

NO vocal tracks and NO sound effects in tracks accepted ( birds, ocean etc) . Again NO vocal tracks or sound effects in tracks accepted. If you are selected, please do not send links to websites or SoundCloud. ALL selected submissions must be posted to download as MP3 only, with your REAL name on BOTH MP3 file, AND in a folder with YOUR REAL NAME on the folder.

( Stage names not accepted for legal and tracking reasons) Tracks or folders without your real name will not be accepted. Again... PLEASE NO SFX...! Any track that includes SFX will be disqualified. Also, be sure there is NO VERY LOUD lead instruments, drums or percussion. Most tracks play under a voice over so very loud parts will often disqualify a track.

- Chris Bell / CBMSD Inc

Deal Type: Sync Placement
Decision Maker: Selected tracks will be pitched for final decision
Deal Structure: Negotiable
Compensation: TBD Based on final placement
Song Quality: Broadcast ready
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